“The Flash” Races Back to Tuesday Night *Spoiler Alert*

Tuesday, Oct. 6th can’t come fast enough! Next week the new season of The Flash airs on The CW, and I’m excited to see what this season has in store!

This past weekend I took some time to catch up on Season 1 and all I can say is, “Wow”. It brought back the same feelings I had after watching Arrow’s first season. DC Entertainment is really doing their thing in the TV space, especially since Marvel’s Superhero takeover in Hollywood overshadows their attempts at live-action films. Here’s hoping Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman make the cut.  (They’ll most likely have to meet the same caliber as the Nolan-Batman series, to be honest— and that’s gonna be tough.)

Similarly to Arrow, the best part about The Flash is the characters.  DC Entertainment knows how to put together a compelling cast, all with personality and individual character development. (sidebar: Is it just me, or do they all look fresh out of high school? The bar scenes just seem wrong!) They also have great chemistry on-screen, which makes them a fun-loving team. I couldn’t help but analyze some of them, making comparisons to their comic-book versions.

Barry Allen – The Flash

Not only is Grant Gustin a physically perfect fit for the look of Barry Allen, he is also a great Flash. Although, sometimes I do wish he was a bit funnier since comic-book Barry is a goofball. TV Barry is a little too on edge and somewhat of a worry-wart. But seeing how he is still coming into his speed power, I’ll give him some time before he loosens up a bit. Grant does an awesome job of making you truly feel like you’re watching a young, fresh Flash, who is still very unsure of himself and what he has to offer to the world. He’s got several seasons to go before he is comfortable being the Flash we typically know and love. It’s funny that they made his speed excel so quickly. Isn’t time travel something he learns way down the line? I wonder how long they can keep the series going before he hits his speed peak, and the audience gets bored with the same speedy moves.

Cisco Ramon – Vibe

In the beginning, Cisco, played by Carlos Valdes was annoying. His comedic antics weren’t flawless, and it felt like he was trying too hard to gain a laugh. But in the second half of the first season, he significantly matures, and becomes a valuable asset to the team. They revealed in Season 1 that’s he is also a meta-human which, I hope, will make him even more dynamic in Season 2. Technically, he is supposed to end up being “Vibe” from the DC Universe, holding a powerful sonic power that is the only effective weapon against the Flash. Not sure if they will go that route, but it will be very intriguing if they do.

Iris West – Barry’s Wife To Be

Iris West, is another character I find interesting. Played by Candice Patton, in the beginning she comes off a little bland and naive with little to no character depth. Since everyone keeps her out of the meta-human/S.T.A.R Labs loop, she’s really just in the way. In the comics, she is so much more than a girlfriend/love interest and has real purpose in Barry’s life. That purpose started to shine towards the last couple episodes of the season when Iris finds out Barry’s identity and starts to become one of the team. She starts to take charge, and doesn’t take anyone’s bullshit. She even kicks ass in one episode! She has real promise and is currently on the path to be the phenomenal reporter she is destined to be and more, if not just Barry’s girlfriend (or wife, hopefully).

Caitlin Snow – Killer Frost

Caitlin, played by Danielle Panabaker, is super cute but has the worst character development on the show. She has great on-screen chemistry with the team, but is a very unbelievable character. She comes across as a loner, who would rather come to work, do her job, and go home. I don’t think she really enjoys helping Barry and saving the world everyday, but only does it because there is no real alternative (and has no other friends). Hopefully, now that her fiance is back, she’ll be more fun and less distant (like when she was drunk, her telling Barry, “Did you sneak a peek at my goods?” was hilarious). There’s a rumor going around that in Season 2 she will emerge as Killer Frost,  becoming a villain of the show. Now THAT would be something I’d love to see! Good girl, gone bad. After doing some research, in the comics Killer Frost is in love with Firestorm (Ronnie) and he is the only one that can help keep her cold powers under control — since she needs to absorb heat in order to manifest the cold. This story line would be very cool to see in Season 2, and it looks like they used Season 1 to setup the plot. We’ll see starting next Tuesday, what really happens, but here’s to hoping Caitlin’s character does a complete 180 degrees to give us a glimpse of her dark side.

Aside from the characters, I also enjoy how the show gives us Easter eggs from episode to episode. From the actual comic book villains that are named by Cisco, to the decent SFX and show crossovers (Arrow), DC Entertainment makes sure to appease their fans from week to week. Did anyone catch the Justice League plaque that was at the CCPD or the fact that the time machine created for the Reverse Flash was very similar to the one made by Impulse in Young Justice? There are so many, I can barely count them all. Click here for more.

Originally I had my doubts, but The Flash has come a long way and has definitely  convinced me to stay a dedicated fan.  Season 2 not only brings new villains and superpowers, but it also brings new characters, like the long awaited Wally West! There isn’t much information about the new Wally, played by Keiynan Lonsdale, and how he fits into the West family. There is some nerd speculation, but nothing solid has been released. You can read all about it here. Personally, I’m just going to wait until next Tuesday to find out.

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