AGENTS Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Amazing Opening


Wow… Wow. Wow that is all I have to say about the season Premiere of season 3 of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.EL.D.” I was not expecting that, but to be honest I was expecting this to be a good season opener especially what happened at the end of season 2. For all of those who do not remember the end of season 2 here is a refresher, S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra are both on the verge of being dismantled, but Agent Coulson and his team are searching for Daisy aka Skye, who has joined with what we know now as Inhumans, the Inhumans want to contaminate part of the earth to create more mutated humans with  fish oil pill vitamins.  Now this is not successful, but the containers holding the mutated gene falls into the ocean leaving us to wonder what will happen next. But I think the craziest part of this season finale is what happened to Agent Simmons being swallowed up by this unusual artifact Shield has recently been searching for. This leaves everyone’s Jaw open saying how can you just end a season like that. I’ll just let this picture do the talking…


Now on to Season 3, earlier yesterday a few rumors spread that the first 4 minutes of the episode was released and me being me I wanted to watch and I was really impressed. In the opener we see what appears to be a man’s house, but as the camera widens we see his house is smoldered into ashes  most of his belongings are melted and burnt. We then see him running into the streets melting objects and scaring citizens, he is so distraught, when this interesting looking secret Agent team appears out of nowhere to detain him. He is so scared he accidently melts and explodes the hood of a car and runs in fear. Out of nowhere the secret agents are blown away which only makes us guess Skye who goes by Daisy Johnson and S.H.I.E.L.D. have arrived. Daisy has a new look and Mack and Hunter have brand new toys showing S.H.I.E.L.D has been working on new ways to become better and stronger. Hunter summoning this amazing looking type of canopy from the sky leaving us saying I want one of those. But this also leaves us and Agent Coulson wondering who are these new Secret Agents and who do they take orders from.


Now I mentioned the new look Daisy “Quake” Johnson, in the last season she got her new found powers by this object called the Diviner and had quite a few problems controlling until she went with the Inhumans to train. She has the ability to manipulate vibrations, and also cause an earthquake kind of eruption. In this season opener we meet a more mature Daisy and might I add she is looking extremely beautiful this season, she is now the head of operations in terms of talking to people who are transforming and gaining new powers. She is finding it difficult to be a leader with being able to transition from still learning about her powers, and helping others. Before she was always able split between being an Agent and also knowing what is right. can’t wait to see how she operates this season.

Throughout the episode you an feel the tension between each team member, since the each battle took a toll on everyone from Hunter, to Mack, to Bobbi, Agent Coulson losing his left hand, and especially Fitz who I will speak on in a few. Shield is in the rebuilding stages trying to figure out where each Inhuman will pop up next, Bobbi answers the question for us about the contamination in the Ocean that the fish oil has not effected humans, but it is probably daily vitamins that are now being taken off the market. Coulson and Hunter go to find out who is the mystery leader and are soon trapped on a train car with the new leader Rosalind Price, and I honestly think Coulson has met his match, she is quick witted and understands CIA and FBI tricks, leaving hunter with side commentary and humor on his end. I am guessing her and Coulson who have a shootout by the end of this season.

Daisy and Mack see they need help with Inhumans and call on a known Inhuman by the name of Lincoln who is no longer using his powers and works in the hospital. When a scary looking Inhuman who we know now as “Lash” enters the hospital looking for Daisy or Lincoln. Lash can suck the energy out of people and also create what looks like worm holes. Daisy and Lincoln battle him, but Lash is too strong and escapes, we have not seen the last of him. This guy is massive and looks mean I am impressed with how he looks:


I think the person that left everyone in tears Tuesday night is Agent Fitz, he is crushed by the lost of Agent Simmons at the end of last season,  has been searching for answers to why the artifact took her. We see Fitz in Morocco, giving his best James Bond impression  coming into look appears to be weapons dealers for an answer for an item that help his quest to find answers. Seeing he is in trouble he tricks the weapons dealer and uses explosives to escape.  Fitz returns with Coulson waiting for him telling its over and he needs to let Simmons go. We always known Fitz is in love with Simmons but this episode you truly see he lost the love of his life. He then returns to the room where the artifact is residing and screams at the top of his lungs beating and hitting the artifact giving an Emmy winning performance you could feel his pain.


Now I won’t give out the spoiler at the end of this episode, but it has to deal with Agent Simmons and it gets real interesting.  Overall this season looks like its going to be really intriguing and I just hope it stays on this constant level of suspense and hopefully some creative fight scenes. I’m going to say that we will meet more Outer space villains in this season to match with the marvel movies or at least the introduction.  I wish Agent May was in this episode I love her hopefully we see her soon. Stay tuned everyone this could get interesting..

Here are the first 4 minutes

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