Eclipse to the Blood Moon: Heroes is ReBorn

Okay, So new venue, new look. Nice!

thumbs upA lot of things I have been itching to discuss but this one takes priority. So this past weekend, the planets were aligned. The world was able to witness something that  we will not be able to seen again for the next 18 year. A lunar eclipse!!! (Depending on what side of the world you are on) The Moon was eclipsed and gave sight to a beautiful seen straight out of a movie (or anime/ TV show). The Blood Moon.  redmoon

This could not have happened at a better time. The widely anticipated show, “Heroes Reborn” is finally on!!! The series premiered its first 2 episodes in its 2 hour special last Tuesday. For those who do not know, Heroes Reborn is the new addition/ season 5 to the hit TV series Heroes. Heroes went off air after the writer strike a couple years back. For the past 2 months I have been bingeing  through the seasons to catch up before Heroes Reborn premiered. AND I MADE IT!!!! So with that said, now that I am all caught up, lets talk about Heroes and Heroes Reborn.

Spoiler-AlertWhen I first blogged about Heroes I was on season 1. (refer to old blog if interested) Lets just say I was all types of wrong about the show. This show is really good. I enjoyed it a lot. The best thing about the series is the powers and how people use them. When you think about superhero shows the mind tends to think of regular stereotypical powers (flight, strength, speed, etc..). Heroes took a different spin on powers and how they are used. It is reminiscent to One Piece, (the anime) and devil fruit eaters (for all my anime fans). The powers in the show are totally random. Things I wouldn’t expect to be a power like the ability to speak to machines. I would have never thought of that. But what I find most interesting is how they are bringing the show full circle.  One of the main themes in the show is that you cannot change the outcome of the future, “butterfly effect”. The show kept true to this idea tying both shows together. In one of the earlier season, Peter (a very annoying character, but also one of the main protagonists) came back from the future, with a scar on his face,  and stated that people with abilities are being taken, hunted down, and are being forced to register or go in hiding. (This is very reminiscent to the X-men story line). This is the main concept in Heroes Reborn. Telling the story with new characters but also utilizing old ones, re-praising their old roles and continuing the story started years ago.

As you see in the trailer, its a bunch of new faces along with the old ones. The one thing I have been hearing/reading is the first episode was confusing. I disagree, since I just caught up in Heroes, the story makes sense to me. This is my fan theory; As I stated above, this is a continuation of the old show and a whole new show all together. The last episode of the 4th season was entitled, A Brave New World. This was also the title of the first episode of, Heroes Reborn. Claire (another annoying main protagonist of Heroes) jumped off the Farris wheel with TV cameras watching her announcing to the world, people with abilities exist. Now, in Heroes Reborn we see the aftermath of this action. Which was originally, discussed by Peter in season 2 of Heroes.  The key to the connection of the shows is in the prequel episodes before Heroes Reborn. THIS BUILDS THE THEME AND STORY FOR THE WHOLE NEW SEASON!!! The prequel shows are called, Heroes Dark Matters. These are 8 min short videos building to the main story board of Heroes reborn. It explains why people with abilities are called Evo’s (evolved humans). The discrimination and segregation of humans and Evo’s in the world, and what happened to Primatech (The Company).

The prequels I enjoyed a lot. They were dope and you get to see the now older versions of Rebel!!! (Micha) Yesss!!! Micha IS BACK AND BUFF!!! Lol. BTW! I was sooooo hyped to see “The Haitian” (Renee – they finally said his name season 4 ) and then they kill the brotha episode 1.  I was like NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I’m excited for the new season of Heroes Reborn.  It comes on tonight so, lets see what happens.

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