Gotham: The Last Laugh


Told you guys I would be back for part 2 and HERE WE GO! So I ended off talking about last week’s episode of Gotham and how it was the rise of what we think The Joker. Last Night’s episode started off with Jim Gordon still emotional hurt by the death of the newly appointed police chief who was gunned down in front of the whole city of Gotham by Jerome valeska on camera. Jim and his partner Harvey Bullock who has finally returned are searching for Jerome all over the city shaking anyone and everyone who will give information on his whereabouts. From the looks of Jim is the one in charge of everything at the GCPD and is trying to make sure everyone is on top of their game, but it also makes you feel like why isn’t everyone else as hurt as Jim is.  Harvey is easily the muscle in this situation having Jim’s back and making sure no one tries to double cross him, but Lee (Jim’s girlfriend) tries to calm Jim down by saying there will be a magician later on in the night which they could go see. Well they would be in for a big surprise.


Gordon and Bullock get a lead on where Jerome is and we find Jerome talking to his father who was a magician in the circus. Jerome’s father says some very cryptic words and also a foreshadowing message, he tells his son that he will be curse on Gotham, that everyone who is just like him with rise up and terrorize the city. This only makes Jerome laugh and response and says he only hopes that will be the beginning of the end. Jim and Bullock get to the scene as the last minute only for Jerome’s father to be stabbed in the eye and sprayed with tear gas.

We haven’t seen much of penguin this season yet, but you can tell he is living the boss life not having to put in the dirty work anymore and finally feeling accomplished, but anyone who knows this show and knows Penguin knows he won’t be sitting down for long. I believe we will see him either cause a new wave a crime later on in the season or he will recruit someone that will play a major role in his transition.


Now Fast Forward to the Magic Show, where Bruce Wayne catches up with his friend Selina Kyle who he hasn’t seen in months and tells her He misses her only for her to look spooked, but also a since of flattery that Bruce still thinks of her. Alfred is enchanted by Lee’s presence not knowing Jim Gordon already has her which makes a little bit of entertainment to see Alfred trying to bag Lee. Now the Magic show gets interesting once Jerome disguised as Houdini ask Bruce to come up and volunteer, with Barbara disguised as one of the show girls. Jerome does all of the parlor tricks until he finally decides he is bored with being a magician and holds the people hostage. This makes me wonder is this how the first encounter of Joker and Batman will take place, but Jerome first as fun with some of the guest.


Jerome’s fun is soon interrupted by Theo Galavan very ironic how Theo is the one who hired him to be this menacing. You can see that he is trying to gain the trust of the people of Gotham by appearing to be a helpless citizen while showing off for the live action feed that Jerome has broadcasted once again all over the city. Theo stabs Jerome in the neck living me and probably everyone at home wondering is this the end for the Joker and what will Gotham come up with after the death of one of the most interesting characters. Theo at the end of this episode says Jerome was too much of a show off and didn’t know his potential he only was going off of instinct, leaving me to wonder who is Theo and how does he have such a menacing idea of what evil is and what evil should be. Barbara is also staying pretty close to him which makes us wonder what is her gran scheme of things in the long run.


The ending of this episode was super creepy, but amazing it shows the death of Jerome, but also it shows Jerome dying with a smile on his face, other people around the city who saw this being broadcasted started laughing and imitating Jerome killing random people on the street and showing this is the new wave of Anarchy , leaving us to wonder is this truly the end of Joker. I have read a bunch of different sources saying that Jerome is dead, but the Idea of Joker isn’t dead, so what it sounds like is the writers are trying to show that the Joker can be anyone, that the character of Joker isn’t this man who went insane and wants to cause trouble he almost wants to liberate the people who are afraid to be crazy because of how they will be classified. We almost see that same symbolism in Batman: The Dark Knight how Heath Ledgers Joker was more so Anarchist trying to free the city of bondage to make them turn against one another to show everyone is hiding under a mask. I would have to agree with this angle I still believe Jack Nicolas was the best Joker, but I think so many people are stuck on Heath Ledgers performance no one is truly looking at who Joker is that is man loves to cause destruction but it’s because he sees everyone is wearing a mask, that once you remove the  face paint of the people you get the true nature of someone. So I want to see what Gotham does next to replace Jerome and this idea of the Joker, maybe this will start the beginning of a new posse formed by the actions of what just occurred. Only we can guess and wonder if we all stay tuned.


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