RiceBall Review: The Martian.. Would You Survive?


What’s up everybody, it’s been a while but I am back, and I am here to bring you guys the newest movie by Matt Damon “The Martian”. Now This past weekend I did not plan on going to the movies it was merely a spur of the moment thing, and I said to myself when I get to the movie theater I’ll see whatever is playing as soon as I get there. So I chose The Martian in 3D, I don’t normally go for 3D movies that much, but some of the scenes were pretty cool especially with the scenery. Now I would just like to take a few minutes to speak on this new film, I won’t call it a review, but merely just my opinion on this film.


Now This movie started off with a bang, with Ares III a manned mission to Mars where Astronauts would spend 2 months on the planet, when a vicious storm hits the area where the team is working, the storm wasn’t supposed to hit for a few more hours, and went unscheduled. The team hurries to jump back on the ship and launch themselves back home, until Mark Watney(Matt Damon) gets hit by Debris from the landing gear. The captain and the rest of the team want to bring Watney back, but Dr. Chris Beck (Sebastian Stan) suggest to leave Watney because it would be impossible to find him in the storm and he is probably already dead. We later come to find out while the team has already left Mars’ atmosphere that Watney is not dead but merely struck by a sharp object where he went into the compressed holding facility for the team as he prepares to surgically remove the sharp object from his stomach.

This movie had a star studded cast which I loved from people like Sean Bean, Jeff Daniels(Head of NASA), Michael Pena, Kate Mara, Sebastian Stan, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Donald Glover. Finding out that Mark Watney did not make the trip back with the Ares III team NASA already figured that he was dead and gone no longer to be found, it almost left you wondering has NASA truly left any astronauts in space without alerting the public? One thing I loved about Watney in this film he wanted to survive he didn’t say this is the end just yet so he started making video blogs to capture his moments in Mars, I loved how he went through different stages in the video blogs, but he also wanted to figure out a way to speak with NASA to let them know he was alive only so they could finish there mission but Sean Bean was the logical person wanting to make sure the team knew they didn’t have to lose hope.


To be honest I did not know what to expect when watching this movie, but I heard good things which made me want to watch it, I have to say there were a lot of funny parts especially when Watney started to figure out how to make food for him, which was actually pretty amazing, I was in the movie theater wondering how that would even work. If he could create food in a calm environment on Mars it makes you wonder could Earthlings be living on Mars in the near future and how much would it cost, and who would actually want to be the first citizens of Mars. I also loved Chiwetel who played Vincent Kapoor the mission Director for NASA especially when Watney was able to communicate with everyone, and Vincent was trying to figure out how Watney spoke and what tone of voice he was speaking in.

As you can see I am a big Sci-fi fan, I live for Sci-fi TV shows and movies because they broaden your imagine and mind and it takes you out of the ordinary way of living on earth. This movie definitely shows that with the way the crew was living in the spaceship  and how the crew members families were so on edge when the team made a risky decision to stay in space longer than usual. One character I loved even though his role was small, but it was big in such a major way is Donald Glover but as most us know him as Childish Gambino, he played a quirky Astrodynamicist by the name of Rich Purnell. What made his character great is that he started off sleeping in his office and falling over, but you could tell he was a genius who didn’t care about the major corporation of NASA because he didn’t even know or didn’t care to remember the name of the head of NASA. But what made his role so big was that he found a solution to bringing the ARES III team home and having enough fuel to bring Watney home.


One thing that stood out to me in this movie was the fact it wasn’t  a happy go lucky movie, in terms of he made food, he’s communicating with NASA, Watney is living the life, Mars itself basically destroyed his dreams tearing down and throwing the plants and you could see the anger in Damon’s face and all the hard work he put in knowing that if he doesn’t find another solution to survive he will die on the planet. I think most of would predict that as soon as he found solutions and started having fun with Captain’s horrible taste in disco music(gotta watch the movie to catch that), that everything would be fine, until you saw the storm crushed everything.

With that being said I go back to the Question of if you were stranded on a deserted planet and you were the only living person, with only the items and food your team members left behind do you think you would be able to survive? Would you create video blogs like Watney did and find ways to communicate and entertain yourself or would you feel like this is the end my team and NASA are never coming back for me. I personally would be so angry like of all people why me, why would I be the one to get stuck on the planet, and I honestly thought that while watching the movie I would be Watney being the one stuck. Overall I thought this movie executed the lifestyle and engineering of  NASA and how things operate at times it got a little long, but it was worth to go see the movie. I want you to ask yourself next time you look at the stars would you survive in deep space?

RiceBallRating – 8.6


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