AMC’s Into The Badlands


Before I get into this post I would like to applaud AMC they have been very consistent with giving a variety of shows, and also giving the promotional push for a lot of the shows on their station, from Better call Saul, Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, which I’ve seen all these shows, and now the long awaited show “Into The Badlands”. Now I’ve been ready to see this show since the beginning of the year when I started seeing previews and promos, saying to myself I can’t wait for November 15th to come, and then the panel for Into the Badlands at New York Comic Con I missed the live stream.  I’ve been keeping tabs on this show as long as possible finding out, they have the martial arts choreographer from Kill Bill, and a lot of other famous movies involving martial arts.  So I was totally amped and prepared for this show to come and bring something new to the table. I will not give a full review on this show, just my honest first impression, since I think it is still early on in this show with only on it’s second episode.


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Walking Dead: Heads Up


We are back with some more Walking Dead updates, so I was all wrong I thought this Sunday would be the winter Break for Walking Dead, but we next week is the break. Now this episode was a little interesting for everyone out there, and I feel like everyone who saw this episode and who had certain theories about Glenn basically said to everyone who doubted them I TOLD YOU SO!. First I would like to start off by saying the last two episodes were very interesting with the story of Morgan and how he evolved into the person he is now, and then also the episode last Sunday  about Daryl.



Both of these episodes kind of made everyone more anxious to know what happened to Glenn, but also seeing Morgan and Daryl two beloved characters you didn’t mind the separate stories just because these two individuals rarely give a lot of information on what they are thinking. Also in last weeks episode we saw Abraham kind of spaz out a little bit when finding walkers, but also finding Weapons that were used by ex military turned into Walkers. Abraham was even trying to get with Sasha while they were alone, so maybe something will escalate between them two as the season goes on.  one thing I found interesting about last weeks episode is Daryl got his Crossbow taken away, now in the previous season if Daryl ever lost it, we would get it back later on in the episode we rarely saw him lose it for good. But at the end of the episode he no longer had it which makes me wonder, if in next weeks episode he will find the thief’s and get it back.

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Nintendo + Universal Studios = O.M.G.

I don’t think anyone is more excited about the official partnership of Nintendo and Universal Studios Theme Parks than I am. I’m beyond ecstatic! Apparently, this is somewhat “old” news, but I just found out about it the other day! The new park will be called “Nintendo Land” and will feature many of the video games we’ve grown to know and love!

The inter-webs are buzzed by the announcement and everyone’s talking about the types of attractions they want to see. So, I decided to put my two cents in.

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Riceball Review: James Bond: Spectre

12002410_1134539806560929_7647752797114155043_oWhat’s up Ladies and Gents, I bring to you today the new James Bond Film “Spectre” All weekend I was trying to see this movie, but it kept feeling like something didn’t want me to see it but I finally made myself go see it Monday night. Now First off I have to say I am a huge James Bond fan, I always try to watch the movies since Sean Connery days. Now before the movie came out I saw a few speculations people were saying how this movie needs a certain amount of money to break even in the box office for what they spent. Now with that being said I already came to the conclusion this mean a lot of people don’t have high expectations for this movie or most people have high hopes but expecting less, since most of us know this is most likely Daniel Craig’s last Double 007 movie. Might I add he is honestly one of the best James Bond 007 agents I’ve seen.


I honestly truly enjoyed this movie, I heard a few people say it wasn’t as good as the other ones, but better than Skyfall. You could tell this was the last James Bond movie in the whole little franchise for this era. I say that because of even the opening credits, you saw old clips from Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall so it just had that feeling like this was the closing act. Might I add I didn’t like Sam Smith singing the theme music, don’t get me wrong Sam Smith is an amazing singer and Artist, but I just felt they could’ve got someone else, I had to almost get use to the song, it wasn’t horrible it just to me didn’t fit the feeling of this was his last hoorah. But the movie starts with James in Mexico city tracking down a unknown assassin to the audience, but it is also Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) in Mexico city with all the different outfits and mask. While scoping out the assassin getting ready to kill Bond hears a particular code name “The Pale King” which makes him wonder who is this man. Shooting at the room full of men the building collapses and off on a foot race in the mist of the Day of the dead parade, to an epic Helicopter fight that made headlines.

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Hey, Naruto Fans…Just Want You to Know…Boruto is the ish! A Riceball Review

2015-10-10 11.17.10Although New York Comic-con was about a month ago, I’m still prancing about on cloud nine from all of the nerd-gasms and geek-love NYCC had to offer. Every year it gets bigger and better, and this year I couldn’t have been more excited and honored to sit-in on a private viewing of the new Naruto movie, Boruto!

NYCC offered a special pre-screening of the Boruto movie in honor of Naruto’s birthday, which I had no clue (some fan I am) was on October 10th. NYCC attendees were able to watch the movie before it was released nationwide (in limited theaters). For an even more awesome bonus, the movie was introduced by Naruto creator, Masashi Kishimoto along with voice actress of Naruto, Junko Takeuchi. This made the pre-screening very special, especially when they walked out on stage only to be welcomed by joyous screams and a standing ovation. boruto-naruto-the-movie-2015-720-blurayKishimoto was executive producer for the movie, and he said he enjoyed working on it as it was very different from creating manga chapters like he was used to doing. Kishimoto played an integral roll in the development of the Boruto story and asked fans to pay close attention to the emotional moments of the movie. He said his favorite part is when Boruto confronts his father (Naruto) about his feelings. To Kishimoto, it was a very special moment between father and son. Although Kishimoto recently ended the Naruto manga series and has since been working on a new manga project, you can definitely sense that there is a strong connection to his love of the Naruto characters. The character development in this movie is phenomenal, which is most likely the reason why it is so gosh-darn entertaining. Here’s hoping he decides to make Boruto into an anime series, one we can enjoy from week to week.

So before I get into my reaction of the movie, take a look at the trailer. It’s the best one I could find…

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SyFy’s 12 Monkeys: Who are the 12?


So just recently I was put on to this new series thanks to New York Comic Con, I did not go to Comic Con like Amni-Flux and NeeNee, but I still watched the live streams. There was one particular panel that I found interesting and it was called “12 Monkeys” now I honestly thought based off the title it had to deal with Kung-fu and maybe Syfy decided to bring in some new aspect to the channel. But I came to find out that this is actually a tv series that just ended it’s first season at the beginning of this year. Watching this panel got me very interested and I decided to check out the show, but I mentioned the show to my friend and she said 12 Monkeys? what like the movie? I guess I am super late to the game because I did not know it was a movie. She told me I should watch the movie first and then watch the show. So what I would like to do is almost kind of like a comparison of the two but also just my opinion on the whole concept.

Twelve_monkeysmpFor anyone who does not know “Twelve Monkeys” the movie was made in 1995 and stars Bruce Willis who plays the convict James Cole and Brad Pitt who plays Jeffery Goines. This movie takes place in the year 2035, after a deadly virus in the year 1996 exterminated the entire human race with only a few humans left on the planet. Doctors have constantly tried to send men back into the past to correct the future, but many attempts have failed giving James Cole the opportunity to redeem himself. Cole finds about a group by the name of “Army of The Twelve Monkeys”. Brad Pitt is amazing in this movie and it takes a big turn when Cole and Goines meet up with each other, when they meet up in an insane asylum, where Goines right off the bat knows Cole isn’t insane or crazy at all.

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Walking Dead: Is Glenn really Dead?


I know I am a little late with this post about a week late, but I wanted to speak on the Walking Dead episode that everyone has been talking about lately and if you haven’t watched it definitely go watch it and you’ll see why everyone is kind of on cloud9 mixed with this can’t be after seeing this episode. now to catch everyone up to speed season 6 of Walking Dead everyone at Alexandria is getting ready for an all out brutal survival of the fittest with the “Walkers” somehow finding Alexandria and creating a barrier around the people living in this place. Rick now has the help of long term friend Morgan who we’ve only seen bits and pieces of throughout each season. Now each person has been told by Rick and grouped together to come up with a plan to get the Walkers away from the area to try to create different diversions and distractions. This plan works until something strange happens.


Now this episode is kind of ironic even from the title as it is called “Thank You” now why would the producers and writers name an episode if something distract wasn’t going to happen or at least change the outlook. Also am I the only who feels there are way more Walkers this season, like where did all these walkers come from and what drove them to come in this area. The plan goes perfectly until a car horn goes off which most of who have been keeping up with the show already kind of guessed and figured the wolves had something to do with what was going on. Also I am very surprised to see no one talked about Carol wearing the “W” for wolves on her forehead that’s a big statement hopefully we get to see later on in the season what her affiliation with the Wolves is and why that particular moment was important.

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