Walking Dead: Is Glenn really Dead?


I know I am a little late with this post about a week late, but I wanted to speak on the Walking Dead episode that everyone has been talking about lately and if you haven’t watched it definitely go watch it and you’ll see why everyone is kind of on cloud9 mixed with this can’t be after seeing this episode. now to catch everyone up to speed season 6 of Walking Dead everyone at Alexandria is getting ready for an all out brutal survival of the fittest with the “Walkers” somehow finding Alexandria and creating a barrier around the people living in this place. Rick now has the help of long term friend Morgan who we’ve only seen bits and pieces of throughout each season. Now each person has been told by Rick and grouped together to come up with a plan to get the Walkers away from the area to try to create different diversions and distractions. This plan works until something strange happens.


Now this episode is kind of ironic even from the title as it is called “Thank You” now why would the producers and writers name an episode if something distract wasn’t going to happen or at least change the outlook. Also am I the only who feels there are way more Walkers this season, like where did all these walkers come from and what drove them to come in this area. The plan goes perfectly until a car horn goes off which most of who have been keeping up with the show already kind of guessed and figured the wolves had something to do with what was going on. Also I am very surprised to see no one talked about Carol wearing the “W” for wolves on her forehead that’s a big statement hopefully we get to see later on in the season what her affiliation with the Wolves is and why that particular moment was important.

In this episode Rick tells Glenn and Michonne to take the volunteers of Alexandria to the safe place, but that many people might not make it back, for the simple fact the amount of Walkers have abruptly arrived. Throughout this episode you could see that the volunteers are getting tougher but they still aren’t as tough and ruthless like Glenn, Rick, and everyone else. We even saw Nicholas who if we remembered had a big fight with Glenn at the end of season 5 now they are almost tied to the hip because they know surviving is more important than just fighting each other. This season we have already seen a lot more battles with the walkers and how much it looks like its coming to the end for most of the remaining people. As we see Darryl and Sasha keeping up their end of the safe place distraction plan we see everyone is little scared almost as if they don’t know if Rick’s plan is going to work, but they trust him because they got this far.

Glenn and Nicholas decided to split up from Michonne, and the other volunteers to let Rick know everything was go and you could also see a since of urgency in Glenn’s eyes he wanted to get back to Maggie and make sure she was ok. Everywhere Glenn and Nicholas went either walkers were around, or the places that seemed like a high point to let off a flair was already burned down or torched by people who were already there and thought of the same plan. Walkers are coming from every angle and every side while Michonne and some of the hurt volunteers are waiting for Glenn to come back, Walkers are coming down the street or up the street but they all seem to be going in one direction. Nich and Glenn run down an alley and are trapped only one thing to do and fight till the death no pun intended, after shooting and stabbing as many walkers as they could Nich then started to space out as almost he couldn’t take it anymore, he just couldn’t see himself killing anymore walkers.


He then grabs his gun and points it to his head while Glenn is trying to snap him out of it and shoots himself in the head making, him and Glenn fall to the ground, showing us the ruthless death of one of the most beloved characters in Walking Dead im not talking about Nicholas I mean Glenn. But lately I’ve been hearing a lot of people saying he can’t be dead, the way it was filmed it looked like he was under the dumpster and that Nich’s body was on top of us. I also just looked that writers have taken Glenn’s name played by Steven Yeun off the opening credits confirming that he is officially dead.


Most of people’s theories sounds very true, but lets take a minute to look at the title of the episode again “Thank You”. If we look at the evolution of Glenn he’s always been there to save Rick or at least help me and make sure he was on the right track and tried to think logical. Even in this episode it almost feels like Rick is racing to try to come save Glenn even though the damaged has already been done. To me Glenn has grown so much throughout these season from being the skinny Asian kid who risked his own self to help people out in Georgia to being a big time killer and go to leader on the team, but the one thing I think most of us appreciated about Glenn is he never let the killings take over his mind at times he broke down, but he stayed logical if it didn’t seem right to him he knew he couldn’t do it unless it was for the good of the team. In a way this episode was saying well to me at least Thank you Glenn for everything always even the people that seemed corrupted trying to make it work for the better.

hqdefaultI have a prediction for next Sunday’s episode I believe Maggie will have a strange feeling that something isn’t right with the whole plan, and also because Glenn hasn’t made it back. I think Maggie will go on a rampage and no one will be able to stop her almost like when Rick’s wife died in the prison and couldn’t take it anymore and cope with what happened. Maggie will tear through every walker and then I think we will be left on a cliffhanger, wondering if Glenn really is dead or if he somehow survived and it took the heartbroken anger of Maggie to find him. She already lost her sister and father and we all know she will be damned if she loses Glenn also.


This season is very interesting so far hopefully it keeps on this level of intensity and gives us more answers.

The Walking Dead (Season 2)

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