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MonthJanuary 2016

Riceball Review: The Hateful Eight


So I just recently saw Quentin Tarantino’s 8th movie “The Hateful Eight” now I’ve been trying to see this movie since it came out but I kept forgetting about until I saw commercials for it. But every time I mentioned to someone I wanted to see this movie every single person from my brother, to my cousin to just being on twitter, every said this movie was good, which made me want to check it out even more. Before I saw this movie I didn’t know what to expect from the previews I thought everyone was a bounty hunter stuck in this place trying to kill this one woman, well this movie sure flipped the script on me. Now if you’ve never seen a Tarantino film some of the things that happen in this movie you might feel is over the top, but you have to understand that is the kind of film maker he is, he likes to push the envelope in everything he does. I’ll give an example in a little.

Now this movie is set around the time of Abraham Lincoln and years after the Civil war ended, many people still very up in arms about Race, I won’t go into full details about this movie, but I just want to share what I really enjoyed about this movie and how I felt about this movie. When I mentioned a little earlier that Tarantino pushes the envelope in a lot of his movies he uses the N word or the word Nigger, I have no problem with this because of the time period he sets a lot of his movies in and wants to bring a graphic, but also vivid view on a lot of situation’s. I think at times it’s hard for me to really appreciate the movies because that word is used so much, but I think because I love his movies so much and I understand the concept of what he’s trying to do makes me kind of block it out and watch the movie. But being at when this movie was set it makes perfect sense for that word to be used because you knew that’s what was being thrown around especially with Samuel L. Jackson’s character Major Marquis Warren who is transporting 3 dead bodies to Red Rock to collect his pay.

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SyFY’s The Expanse


HAPPY NEW YEARS RICEBALLERS!! welcome to 2016 I know we haven’t posted much in a while but I wanted to bring you guys new show I’ve been watching lately. Now you guys know if you’ve read that I’m the Sci-fi lover of the crew. A couple months back I saw a preview for this show called “The Expanse” now just seeing the preview I was very  intrigued and then out of nowhere at the end of November I saw on tumblr or twitter that the first episode already came out on youtube. I instantly got right on it and watched that episode. Now the season didn’t start until December 14th but On Demand already had the first 4 episodes up, and knowing me someone who loves to watch a show and not wait especially if its right at my fingers I dove right in as soon as I had time to.

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