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MonthFebruary 2016

Pokemon 20 Year Celebration: Riceball, Train On!! Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon?



I am UBER excited (not to be confused with the car/taxi) for Pokemon’s 20 Year Celebration!!! So, I must admit that I have not finished the most recent games because responsibilities as an adult continue to interfere with my daily life.  But, I have been a true Pokemon fan and trainer since the 1996 release of Red & Blue versions, and the game changing release of Pokemon Yellow. *eyes tearing up* They truly were marvelous games. And part of the foundation of my awesome childhood. The games accompanied by the original Pokemon anime, Pokemon theme song, and PokeRap. It was a great time to be a kid.  I have such strong memories of many Pokemon masters, trainers…they’re dear to many fans’ hearts even until this day. Nintendo knows that majority of its success with Pokemon comes from its large nostalgic factor. So, lets take a quick minute, to celebrate and reminisce together. Karaoke style. Sing it with me RiceBall!!!

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Digesting the Plight of an Emotionally Tortured Woman…A Review of “The Girl on the Train”


So, we all have secrets. You’re lying if you say you don’t. Most of the time we bury them deep inside ourselves, never telling a single soul…hoping, eventually…that they’ll die off. But secrets don’t die. They lie in wait. The truth always finds a way out.

For many, carrying the burden of our truths can be as simple as brushing our teeth everyday, but for others…it’s a goddamn nightmare. That’s the epitome of this story. Sometimes holding in your secrets is not only torturous, but sometimes can be deadly.

Paula Hawkins invites us to witness the tales of three women entangled in an unpredictable, twisted web of love, pain, and recovery. Most of the time, the situations that occur are tough to stomach. I think half of the time, I found myself cringing at the poor decision-making these three made, Rachel especially. She was the worst. But as the story progresses you begin to see more of who these women truly are, and how their personal truths have a significant impact to who they have become. It’s a wild ride that keeps you guessing from beginning to end. If I say so myself, I’m pretty awesome at solving mysteries, but this one had me dumbfounded.

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Farewell Gravity Falls


What’s up everybody! It’s a sad, sad day in the cartoon world. Disney’s Gravity Falls is officially over. Creator Alex Hirsch stated on his Twitter and Tumblr page that the show was not cancelled, but that he decided it was time to end the show, and move on to more things. This did not sit well with many Gravity falls fans like myself, but we gracefully respected Alex’s decision, and waited for February 15th to arrive. I think we all can say we felt like Mabel when she was trapped by Bill.


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Anmi-Flux 2016 Winter Anime Picks

It’s winter 2016, so that means its time to put on some sweats, grab a blanket, grab something to eat, and relax by watching some anime. There is a lot of new anime I have been hearing about that I am excited to start. There are also shows I just want to finish that I haven’t yet. So, these are the anime I am currently watching for the winter. I am not reviewing any of the anime yet.  Just some thought to why they are my picks and what they are about. So, if you are looking for some good anime ideas to watch or catch up on here is my, Winter 2016 Anime Picks. Continue reading “Anmi-Flux 2016 Winter Anime Picks”