Still Thinking About Star Wars: Episode VII

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I confess. I wasn’t ready.

I thought I was prepared. I thought that by not only re-watching all the Episodes from start to finish (yes, starting with Episode I, not IV) and indulging in 121 episodes of The Clone Wars on Netflix, everything would all make sense. I mean, I’ve seen all the originals a couple times since I was, say…12, and even went to the theater to watch the poorly constructed Episodes I, II, and III. Even binged through Star Wars: Rebels to make sure that when the time came, NOTHING would go unnoticed. This wasn’t a game. Come December 17th, I needed to be ready. I had to be on my shit. And yet with all my research and prior knowledge, it still wasn’t enough for what was to come in Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

I don’t care what anyone says. The movie was great. The SFX were on point and the cinematography mirrored the originals. It radiated an insane feeling of nostalgia that I could sincerely appreciate. I mean, how could you not love the seasoned presence of the Millennium Falcon! If the movie went off track into something completely brand new, I think fans, including myself, would have been turned off…or even mad. It’s great they stuck to what we know and love, while also presenting new characters we could admire and relate to.

So…let’s get to the point, seeing how most of us have seen the movie, if not twice, by now.

Although Episode VII: The Force Awakens left me feeling SUPER happy about what I saw, it also left me mystified. I have a billion questions! Questions that won’t get answered until next year, or even frick’in 2018! I thought that with everything I know about Star Wars, I would easily make character connections, and predicting plot lines would be a no-brainer. To my surprise, a lot in the movie was unpredictable (except for the Death “Planet” blowing up, that was bound to happen.)  The suspense of not knowing what to come is killing me. So, I’ve been doing some thinking and came up with my own theories to answer my burning questions…

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  1. Who are Rey’s parents?

This question is all across the blogosphere. Everyone wants to know her family ties. I haven’t read many fan theories circling the web, but after thinking about it, I hope she is Obi Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter. It would make sense for Obi Wan to have kin, especially because he was still young when the Jedi Order disbanded. Most likely in his late twenties, early thirties. According to The Clone Wars, he had a love interest but gave her up in order to become a Jedi Knight. So, you never know, maybe some re-kindling happened when he went into hiding, or he met someone new on Tatooine. Nonetheless, Obi Wan was a powerful and perceptive Jedi. His bloodline would be a likely match against Anakin Skywalker’s kin.

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2. What was Rey’s vision all about? 

Rey’s vision from touching Luke’s lightsaber is the only connection we have to understanding Rey’s past. Clearly, she is the little girl told to stay behind amongst certain chaos that happens with a man in a hood with a metal hand, R2D2, a red lightsaber and then finally a spaceship veering off into space. What’s unclear is why she’s left behind? Even after watching the vision a second time, I’m at a loss without a pause and rewind button. But based on what I saw, I think the man in the hood was Luke who was trying to save Rey, the last of the Jedi children he was meant to train. He purposely had R2D2 download their location, and then shut him down, only to be re-booted when it is time for them to be reunited again. Hence R2’s miraculous revival, similar to an “awakening”.

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3. Can Finn wield the Force? 

Finn being able to breakthrough being brainwashed raises questions of whether he is Force sensitive. I think he definitely is. He might not be as strong as Rey, but his need to be in the light makes me believe that he senses and perceives things beyond what he is told, similar to Han Solo. Yea, he is a skeptic, but he leads with instinct and his heart, a trait most Jedi use. I’m not sure if they will focus on Finn’s use of the Force, but it would be really cool to see him use a lightsaber again.

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4. Who is the First Order? Are they Sith?

The First Order baffles me. Especially because I thought the Sith was pretty much done. I mean, I know evil just doesn’t go away, but honestly, who are these guys? Where the hell did they come from? And what do they want? This is a question I haven’t been able to answer completely. I have a feeling they organized after the Empire fell and the war ended. In Darth Vader’s honor, they gathered to complete what was started. Those who could use the Force, led the way. I don’t think Supreme Leader Snoke is claiming to be a Sith Lord, but ultimately he is. Per The Clone Wars, the Sith run in two’s, and he’s already claimed Kylo Ren as his apprentice.

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5. What happened to Luke? 

After Kylo Ren disrupts Luke’s Jedi training of the young ones, Luke goes missing. I personally think he went insane, similarly to how Yoda had slight dementia. It must be tough to have to go through so much emotional stress and still have to keep it together. Jedi have it the worst because they’re forced to build emotional barriers that keep their emotions in check. Luke’s life is an emotional roller coaster where he’s forced to bury his rage, hate, sadness and even love. If Anakin couldn’t keep it together during the difficult times, how hard must it be for Luke?

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6. What’s up with Kylo Ren?

At first, I couldn’t understand the motive for Kylo’s move to the darkside. His parents are heroes and his uncle is the most famous Jedi in galaxy. Was it stress of having a famous family? Was it loneliness? What could have possibly gone so wrong that he would end up a demented psychopathic crybaby? It makes me think about his admiration of his grandfather, Darth Vader. He idolizes him to the point that he dresses like him, talks like him and even prays to his scorched and decaying helmet. Was it Luke? Did Luke despise his father so much that he wanted to ensure Kylo never turned out like Vader (which caused the opposite to occur)? In end, I thought Luke had found peace with his father, but by the way Kylo revels in his grandfather’s Empire days, makes me wonder whether Luke was the source of that intrigue. Or maybe it was Snoke? Enticing Kylo with the desire for power by feeding him grandeur stories of Vader’s strength, the same strength now residing in Kylo’s blood. Nonetheless, Kylo is a tortured soul, and it’s clear that Rey will be the only one to possibly help him see the light.

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7. What’s next? 

At the end of the movie, we finally see Luke. He doesn’t say a word but the pain is written all over his face. In Episode VIII, it’s not going to be easy for Rey to train with him. She’ll probably have to convince him to come back to the fight and to being a Jedi. We’ll also learn more about Snoke and the First Order, and what their goals are for the galaxy. Most likely they’ll be similar to what the Empire had planned involving galactic conquests and domination, but they will also be interested in recruiting (or taking out) Rey this time around. As for Finn, I’m curious what his role will be. He should train to be a soldier for the Resistance, if he hasn’t already. I’m sure he and BB-8 will have some sort of heroic adventure necessary for the cause.

How rude that they make us wait an entire year for Episode VIII! Don’t they know that the waiting is the hardest part? It just leads to more disquiet thoughts and unanswered questions! Sigh, December 2017. Wish the date could be closer, but instead it’s in a galaxy far far away (and rightly so)!

Got questions/theories about Star Wars? Let us know!

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