5 Reasons To Watch One Punch Man

2015 was a great year for new and interesting anime.  However, one anime took the crown. That anime is, One Punch Man (OPM)! When it first was released, social media was having a field day. It almost seemed as though OPM broke the anime internet. But, why? What is it about this anime that is making people across the world go crazy? It seems as though OPM showed up over night. All I kept seeing was random clips of amazing GIFs and fight scenes, and one bald headed guy with a weirdly animated face in a yellow jump suit and red gloves.  Upon furthering my research (aka talking to my nerd friends), all I kept hearing was that, “He’s a hero but for fun…and he is crazy strong!” What?? I tried to reserve my judgement until I watched the anime.  It seemed like there was a lot of over-hype about it. Is this anime really that good?  What was it that set it apart from the rest to make it the most talked about and entertaining anime of the 2015 year?  After finally watching the anime in full,  I understand. If you haven’t already watched it yet. Here are: 5 reasons to watch One Punch Man.

5. The Animation


Simply put, One Punch Man is beautifully animated. The animation used is awesome and hard to compare when it comes to its action scenes. The mixture of drawn animation combined with computer graphics sets the bar for new anime that came out in 2015. Also, the changes in animation I really enjoyed. Throughout the course of the anime, you would see changes of the animation within the episode. It would start with a simpler more drawn style, to an extremely detailed, more intense style of animation within seconds. The simpler style usually took place when a comedic aspect was happening. Me, being a huge anime fan, OPM by far has some of the best animation, and animated fight scenes I have seen in a long time.

4. It’s Short


Many people and anime watchers alike tend to steer away from anime that can be seen as to long. Heavy hitter anime, like Naruto and One Piece with episodes that range in the 400’s to 700’s, for a first time or a casual anime watcher, can be very intimidating. Even for the long time, hard body, anime fans who know how to power through an anime to understand the depth of the story it can, at times, be daunting. Too many episodes can be tiring and time consuming. Well, OPM tells its story in only 12 episodes. Not even a full 25 like most short anime. It’s as though the creator wanted to just do a trial run or give a sample to have people wanting more. And, yeah. It worked.

3. The Humor


One Punch Man is hilarious. This anime is ridiculously funny for no reason. Many of the jokes are small side jokes that end up being hilarious. Also, the overall plot helps in the comedic aspect. This was an anime that actually made me laugh hard. For the jokes, reactions, dialogue, the nonsense, the logic or lack there of when going about situations, and every character is funny. There is not just one main character that brings comedic value. Its the entire character list. Saitama, (the main character) himself is hilarious. Even the way he runs is just funny. His reactions to people, monsters, danger, tests, and everyday life makes him easily one of my favorite characters to watch in anime, and in fan fiction story-lines.

2. The Plot


One Punch Man has a great story. The plot is simple but hilariously engaging. It has well explained action, fused with comedy. You follow Saitama’s journey as the world’s strongest hero eventhough he’s bored by the process. Being a hero for fun because he was tired of working. In order to become a strong hero he knew he had to train, and train hard. This was literally on of my favorite episodes of the anime. He trains his body to the max in unsufferable ways. This training (which was soooooooooo basic lmao) made him bald but weirdly unbelievably strong. To the point where he finishes every opponent he fights with only one punch. If he throws more than one punch, he becomes overly excited and then his second punch usually annihilates a city.  He then takes on a pupil (he didn’t want) and the story begins to unfold. The premise being how and why is Saitama so strong?  He isn’t the smartest person and, honestly, is kinda basic. But, his simplicity makes him so great. I loved learning more about him, as the other characters in the show did their investigations. Till this day I still don’t know why he’s so strong. Its an amazing story line to go with such a interesting anime. I look forward to Season 2.

1. An Anime that Changes the Game


One Punch Man came out of nowhere and really changed the game in terms of action anime. Before OPM, it was common knowledge that Goku was the king of the hill in terms of strength. But once this 12 episode anime hit the scene it has had many fans, nerds, and geeks alike debating who was stronger. This anime has a lot of growth bringing odd humor to an action anime and reevaluating the reasoning and purpose of heroes. The animation/computer graphic (CG) used to make the anime was really on some next level type stuff. The transition of animation within the show  was done beautifully, from drawn comical styles to deep detailed and action based  with hints of CG was amazing. The flow makes it seem effortless. OPM is a refreshing new feel to anime. With a plot that compliments the visual beauty. It really changed the game, and its something that just won’t be understood until you watch.

But let me know what you think?

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