Anmi-Flux 2016 Winter Anime Picks

It’s winter 2016, so that means its time to put on some sweats, grab a blanket, grab something to eat, and relax by watching some anime. There is a lot of new anime I have been hearing about that I am excited to start. There are also shows I just want to finish that I haven’t yet. So, these are the anime I am currently watching for the winter. I am not reviewing any of the anime yet.  Just some thought to why they are my picks and what they are about. So, if you are looking for some good anime ideas to watch or catch up on here is my, Winter 2016 Anime Picks.


Gate is about a sudden appearance of a large gate in Ginza, Tokyo that changed the world forever. The gate acts as a rift between to dimensions bringing death and bloodshed in its wake. This anime literally answered the questions what happens when 2 worlds collide. When the medieval fantasy realm meets the modern world, in warfare. It focuses on a character, Youji Itami, a self proclaimed otaku who loves manga and all things nerd (like myself lol). He took it upon himself and plays a key role into pushing the monsters, dragons, elves, and other fantasy creatures alike back into their realm. I just started watching this anime and it has me hooked. The animation is beautiful and the plot is sound. It’s also really funny. Can’t wait see what happens.



Erased is a dope concept for an anime. I have not started this anime yet but I am excited to. It’s been all over my twitter feed so I figured I need to check it out. It’s about a 29 year old manga artist, where a phenomenon, he calls Revival, takes place that sends him back in time moments before life threatening incidents, allowing him to prevent them from happening. But, then he is accused of murder, himself, of someone close to him. One day the Revival sends him back 18 years in the past when he was in elementary school, and he realizes that things are a lot deeper than they seem. Being sent back made him aware of abductions and killings of his fellow classmates that took place when he was a child. He takes it upon himself to change the past and figure out what really happened 18 years ago and saves his classmates in the process. Super excited for this.



This anime is old an new lol. I have never watched Gintama. I only have seen the first episode. But, I am determined to watch and catch-up. This is an on going anime for those who have never watched it before. There is Gintama and Gintama 2015. Gintama 2015 is not a remake or reboot of the anime like, Hunter X hunter 2011 or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. It is a an extension from the original series. Just as any anime from the past to present the animation begins to look better as you progress forward. People rave over this anime so I need to learn why.  But, Gintoki Sakata, a swordsman with the heart of a samurai works jack of all trades doing odd jobs to make money. In a time where samurai are looked down-upon or disregarded. He is accompanied by his friend a boy with glasses and a strong heart, a girl who can fight, and their over-sized dog. Their adventures lead them into situations that usually have unfortunate consequences. I am determined to watch this anime and see if it is worth the hype.

World Trigger


My friend and a fellow RiceBaller put me onto World Trigger. It is interesting and has a kinda kekkashi feel to it. The animation has a lot of CGI but its well done. The story takes a little bit of time to imprint on you (or at least it did for me) but it is a interesting anime. I am about 10 episodes in and so far, I’m digging it. Its definitely a cool anime. Its not really my personal taste when it comes to anime but it has its moment. It is an on going anime and I hear it gets better as it goes so I am giving it a chance. But, overall so far the most I can say is it’s cool. World trigger set in a world where other worlds similar to their own exist and they are kind.  Invaders (usually in the form of super bugs lol)  come and destroy earths cities and kills thousands of people and go by the name Neighbors. An organization called Border was created to fight against the neighbors and stop them from conquering the world. The story follows a border trainee, who found a mysterious boy, who is also a neighbor. As I said I am giving the anime a try. Hopefully, it pulls me in more than it has so far.

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