Pokemon 20 Year Celebration: Riceball, Train On!! Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon?



I am UBER excited (not to be confused with the car/taxi) for Pokemon’s 20 Year Celebration!!! So, I must admit that I have not finished the most recent games because responsibilities as an adult continue to interfere with my daily life.  But, I have been a true Pokemon fan and trainer since the 1996 release of Red & Blue versions, and the game changing release of Pokemon Yellow. *eyes tearing up* They truly were marvelous games. And part of the foundation of my awesome childhood. The games accompanied by the original Pokemon anime, Pokemon theme song, and PokeRap. It was a great time to be a kid.  I have such strong memories of many Pokemon masters, trainers…they’re dear to many fans’ hearts even until this day. Nintendo knows that majority of its success with Pokemon comes from its large nostalgic factor. So, lets take a quick minute, to celebrate and reminisce together. Karaoke style. Sing it with me RiceBall!!!

Damn that felt good! Okay, so Nintendo and the Pokemon franchise is doing a lot for its 20th year celebration with the simple phrase…Train On. It started with the highly anticipated Pokemon Go. (for those that don’t know) This is an exciting cell phone, MMO (multiplayer online) game Niantic Labs has made. Trainers will be able to literally travel the world and catch Pokemon and possibly battle other trainers. Here is the  trailer below:

So, there is a lot of dynamics to this game, but the overall idea is awesome. I will definitely be all about it once it drops.  Further researching, I learned there will be gyms, teams, and possible starters for the game. The Pokemon are location specific. So, the game encourages travel, however trainers can trade at events. For example, water Pokemon will be near areas with large or small bodies of water. Same with rare Pokemon (outside of events). Rare Pokemon will be in specific areas on the planet, so sadly it will be extremely harder to catch them unless an event is happening. There will be limited opportunities to catch rare Pokemon (for now). Hmmm… lets see what happens. I’m trying to catch Lugia, so I am in need of a boat. Soooo… yeah… goals. Lol. But, anywhooo… Nintendo continued to jump off this idea and push the “Train On” concept with their Superbowl ad. The ad left all Pokemon trainers in the dark to any new announcements, and everyone kinda just thought it was another plug for Pokemon Go…but, that wasn’t the case. Check it out.

Are you as excited as I am? So yes, this anticipation has been building for weeks…WEEKS!!!!! Now Pokemon and Nintendo are getting us ready for something big.  Nintendo officially named Feb 27th, 2016, Pokemon Day. So, we all knew they were making some announcement. And TODAY on Feb 26th, 2016 at 7am…


Nintendo’s announcement of the release of Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon!!! THAT’S RIGHT, IT IS CONFIRMED!!! 2 new games!!! With a whole new 7th gen, new starters, and what not. To drop holiday season 2016!!!! RiceBall! This is big news! If you cant tell, I’m stoked!!!

I cannot wait to see the region, the new Pokemon, what the games looks like, and yes the new legionaries. I also look forward to the new anime movies, specials and TV show that will follow. Crazy part is it’s not even the 27th!!!! So maybe we will get more information tomorrow but until then I need to get my 3DS. Train on, RiceBall, Train on. Here is the trailer if you missed it.

Congrats, Nintendo and Pokemon for 20 years of success.

– Amni-Flux


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