A Nerd’s Day Out: Journey to Philly’s Fortress of Solitude

Yesterday, RiceBall ventured out to unknown territory to visit the newly opened, black-owned, comic book store, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc. For months, blerds across the nerd-verse have been raving about the new shop commending founder and creator, Ariell R. Johnson, for being the first black woman to own a comic book store on the East Coast. To learn about her... Continue Reading →


Deadpool, the Hero We Needed! (Don’t Call Me A Fucking Hero!!!!)

Since the Deadpool craze is still high, but cooling down, I was finally able to make it out and see the movie. (Yes, I know I am late to the game.) {Hey there, kiddies, Deadpool here. It looks like Amni-fuck, I mean flux is writing about little ole me. How exciting!! *begins to slit wrist* Well... Continue Reading →

Is This the End of Agent Carter?

What's up everybody? It’s crazy that it’s already Thursday. This week has really gone by, or maybe I’m just moving slower than usual. But last Tuesday was the Agent Carter Season 2 Finale. It’s crazy. It feels like the show honestly just started, and now Season 2 is over. Wow, that was fast.  But if you haven’t... Continue Reading →

Wrath of The Villains: Mr. Freeze

What's up, everybody? So, Monday was Leap Day, and we also got another special treat on that day, the return of Gotham!!. This go around, Gotham has a new name. For the beginning of it's second season it was called "Rise of The Villains", now this season is called "Wrath Of the Villains." Now if... Continue Reading →

Who is Finn Jones? and Who is Iron Fist?

So in recent news, there was an uproar in the comic book world and on the internet about Netflix and Marvel casting Finn Jones as Iron Fist for the new Marvel Netflix series. Now, I know a lot of people are like, "Finn Jones...who is that?" If you don’t know, he is on Game of... Continue Reading →

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