Hold the Door! The Flash Did What? And X-men Be Vexing Men?! It’s Your RiceBall Recap

Does anyone else feel like summer just came out of nowhere? I mean, a week ago I was freezing my butt off, bundled up in blankets, sweaters, scarves, jackets and whatever else….and today it’s 80 (mofo’in) degrees! I have crazy, humidity hair! Ugh.


I see spring done gave up, and decided she ain’t gonna be around for all this global warming ish. We were straight cut off this year.

boring tvAnd speaking of cut off, how goes your summer TV watching? Mid-season shows have ended and I’m stuck in limbo surfing channel to channel for a nightly prime time selection. I know it’s summer when my TV yells at me to get the hell off my couch and do something productive.

TV: “Go to the gym!”

Me: Ha! TV, you’re hilarious.

But technically, it’s not summer until all the Game of Thrones eps are over, and we have 4 more of those bad boys! I refuse to delve into my summer TV rut until after GOT is over. Somehow, deep down, I know Netflix will save me, though. Especially with OITNB on the horizon. Yay!

If you missed it, a lot has transpired over the past week or so, specifically with TV and movies. Hot topics, for me, consist of The Flash, Game of Thrones, and (although I hate to admit it) X-men: Apocalypse. Yea, I took time to see it over the weekend, and man, am I disappointed.

But before I get into that, I just wanted to let you know…this is your RiceBall Recap.

I Think GOT Just Likes Messing with Me…


RIP to the fallen Direwolves *tear*

I’m sure by now you’ve read the privileged blogs and researched current fan theories, so I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty. I just wanted to say that from the beginning…

  1. I knew John wasn’t gon’ die.
  2. I knew ‘Cold Hands’ was Uncle Benjen. (update: this theory was de-bunked by George himself…ugh! Add it to the list of things I still don’t know.)

What I didn’t know…

  1. Hodor’s random as all hell, completely solemn destiny
  2. Arya’s betrayal of the Many-Faced god (what is she thinking?)
  3. Summer and Shaggy Dog die…WTF!!
  4.  John and Sansa reconnect (I cried)
  5. Dany murks all of the Dothraki Khals (that was soooo bad-ass)
  6. And more…(because there are just too many)

Yes, I’m a book reader. (Big-ups to Audible!) As you’ve probably heard, the books take this story into an entirely different direction. A lot of what’s happening so far in the TV show, makes me distrust the story and yearn for George R.R. to get crack’in on the real story. It’s super hard to watch the show knowing ish just doesn’t go down. For example, Ramsey and Sansa…never happens. Brienne and Sansa…never happens. Marcella’s death with Jaime and Bron…never happens (which btw, that entire storyline should have been waaay more impactful than it actually was). Theon at home with his sister…never happens (but maybe it can, eventually…hmmm). I understand that for filming purposes, things have to happen for TV differently than how they do in the books, and yet its still super annoying. Watching GOT is painful because I DON’T KNOW what’s supposed to happen.For years I’ve known, and now I’m in the same boat as non-readers. Non-readers think this is an even playing field, but IT’S NOT! Everything happening in the show right now is all fcked! Do other book readers feel the same? I’ll still be watching each week, but I’m secretly praying for the Winds of Winter to drop any day now in order to regain my sanity.

Flash, noooooooooooooo! DAMMIT!

*SPOILER ALERT, again. Sorry.*

If you watched The Flash last week, you’re feeling me. C’mon, Barry. Seriously!? We were super close to having IrisAllen! Super. Close. Kiss and all. Now you done flubbed everything up!

As you can see, I am super upset about The Flash Season 2’s ending. Yes, fine, they needed a cliffhanger…and the Flashpoint Paradox is actually perfect. But still. DAMMIT!

tumblr_o2b928svfc1r6vy8ho1_500Season 2 was pretty decent. My favorite episode is still the first episode of the Earth 2 double episode. Loved Candice Patton and how she played a bad-ass cop for Iris West-Allen. *giggle* They were just too cute as a married couple. Also enjoyed seeing Caitlyn as Killer Frost. I think she’s a better villain than when she’s Dr. Snow. I also enjoyed all the easter eggs in this episode. Had to watch 2-3 times to catch everything.

Zoom was also pretty great, until they revealed him to be Hunter Zoloman. Once he became Hunter, his evil fell off. Was it because we now knew who he was that his evil seemed to become more mediocre? I don’t know *kanye shrug* What is interesting is how he may have morphed into ‘Black Flash’ at the end. Seemed like there was some foreshadowing there.

ciscoApplause for Cisco Ramon ‘Vibin’ it up all over the place. He is now my favorite character on the show. I remember when I talked about how corny he is. But he grew on me. Now I love him, and there just can’t be a Flash episode without him. (Expecto-patromum!…LMAO!!!) The character development on the show has been amazing. Grant Gustin has also done a great job at portraying Barry and his pain. I applaud him for that effort. It went over very well this season.

As for next season, I hope they integrate more of Super Girl. Their episode together was awesome, and now with her being on The CW, there’s no excuse! Here’s to future Justice League action…which I hope will finally include Kid Flash! Jeez! Still waiting on his debut.

Me, snoring during X-men: Apocalypse? Yea, I was.

*SPOILER ALERT, last one, I promise.*

XMen_FourHorsemen_ThumbWith it being Memorial Day weekend, and the new X-men movie recently released, we had to take the time go experience it. Sadly, it fell far from an experience and more so like the anti-experience. I think I dazed a couple times, and my boyfriend finally asked, “You bored”.  There I sat cringing and reluctantly admitted, “Yes”. I wanted to like the movie. I really really did. There was some great action in it, especially the beginning and the part with (sorry) Wolverine! He had a brief entrance where he came and fucked a lot of ish up. Then he bounced and we never saw him again. It was pretty weird, seeing how every X-men movie with him in it had a proficient reason for him being there. It was like he came, he saw, he conquered, and then disappeared. I was sad to see him go so quickly and was really confused why he was there in the first. But then again, he did play Weapon X, so maybe that was his intro to his new movie coming out  next year.

The plot was just so weak. Iconic X-men characters got no real play. Storm could have been way more useful, but all she really did was lightening bolts. SHE CONTROLS THE WEATHER AND ALL SHE DOES IS LIGHTENING BOLTS?! Also, Arc-Angel and his wings weren’t used appropriately, and even Apocalypse himself was somewhat of a mediocre villain. He bored me. I couldn’t connect to his evil. I was expecting waaayyyy more evil, to be honest.

x-men-apocalypse-quicksilver-evan-petersThe only person who probably saved the movie was Quicksilver. Loved this guy. I think he was meant to play comic-relief and it worked. He did his job, and did it well. No qualms with him.

They just need to give it a rest, though. I don’t want to see another movie with Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, and I really am tired of them half-assing the comic books. Jubilee looked awesome but yet she DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! They should have brought her along on the exploit to save the professor, but no.  She’s left on the ground looking fantastic but with nothing to show for it. And don’t get me started on Jean Grey…ugh! Why the hell did they have to bring The Phoenix into this???? *sigh*

I gave the movie a ‘C’ rating. It wasn’t completely terrible, but I wish I never paid for it. I’m glad though that it is doing well in the Box Office because I don’t blame the actors, I blame the writers/directors. It’s time for Bryan Singer to take a seat.

RiceBall Rating: 7.0

One thought on “Hold the Door! The Flash Did What? And X-men Be Vexing Men?! It’s Your RiceBall Recap

  1. I really thought I was the only one who cried when Sansa and Jon saw each other. But, I think I’ll literally start bawling if Arya and Jon see each other. Great post by the way, very interesting!


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