Betrayed by the Summer Movie Hype… A Star Trek Beyond and Suicide Squad Review

Does anyone else feel betrayed by the summer movie premieres? All year I’ve been looking forward to Star Trek Beyond and Suicide Squad, and now that both of these movies have dropped, I’m just so…(sigh)…disappointed.  At first it was upsetting because watching the trailers filled me with soo much JOY. Jared Leto’s Joker laugh was unique and brilliant, and Star Trek‘s plot line looked promising. I mean, it didn’t have my man, BC, but the thought of Captain Kirk and Spock returning to the big screen led to a very special nerd-gasm.

It must be me. Do I just get overjoyed way too quickly with the thought that all my nerdy dreams are finally coming true? How could I be so naive to think that the people behind the curtain would care about accuracy or a thorough and engaging plot line? And that they would find time to represent the characters to how, us fans, know and love them instead of how they think the characters should be interpreted. Silly rabbit.

But I mean, is it a lot to ask? Is it that difficult to represent a character in their true form, or just have plain ole’ good writing? From what I saw over the last two weekends, apparently so.

Star Trek Beyond…I think I’m over it.


Star Trek Beyond wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t very good either. I get it. It’s not easy to create stories from a franchise that has years of storytelling and movies to boot. So…it’s fine. The plot felt a little forced, like they were trying to add drama to the personal lives of the characters, but I wasn’t moved. We all know Captain Kirk ain’t retiring, Spock ain’t leaving the Enterprise…It just ain’t happen’in. So, why even go there? Let’s just keep it real.


Plot aside, the best character of the movie was Dr. “Bones” McCoy. He was great, although primarily comic-relief – but dammit, he was good! Kudos to Karl Urban for doing the damn thing on screen. Jaylah-1-830x518I also enjoyed Jaylah, a new comer on screen played by Sofia Boutella. She was sassy, smart, and kicked a whole lotta butt!

Other than watching those two, I was bored – even with it being full of explosions, guns, fighting, etc. Thankfully, the CGI was amazing and the makeup on the aliens was, literally, out of this world (yes, acknowledge my pun – ha!).

I didn’t even realize d0zznvnde6vpeihglf7jfgwvcafkscpu-largeIdris Elba was playing the villain until I really listened and could just hear him (his voice is so distinctive). Also, I applaud the writers/producers for the Mr. Sulu effort. Admittedly, it was a little random and even felt somewhat ingenuine, but I know it was coming from a good place called, representation. You have to see it to know what I mean – no spoilers.

Nonetheless, if you are a true Trekkie, you have to go see it. No questions asked. If you’re not really into the New Frontier…save your money, and wait til it comes out on Netflix, or HBO (if Netflix takes too long). As for me, I’m not looking forward to Star Trek IV, and I think Chris Pine too has moved on to bigger and better…women (in the Amazon..tee-hee). The problem is, my nerdy-ness will provoke me and I’ll most likely end up in a Star Trek IV theater seat to my very nerdy dismay…but here’s to keeping hope alive.

RIP, Anton Yelchin. Your presence will definitely be missed on the big screen.

Riceball Review: 6.0

Suicide Squad…All the buzz, yet still a bore.


Oh, the potential! The mere thought of a movie like this being created will make any nerd have wet dreams. When I heard the rumors, I knew for sure DC Comics was making real moves towards representing the DC Universe in live-action movies, you know, how Marvel does it. I mean, when they mentioned premiering Batman vs. Superman, Justice League and also SUICIDE SQUAD…I was like, are you serious?! Pure. Overwhelming. Happiness.

But no. Our hopes and dreams were crushed when Batman vs. Superman turned out be less riveting (apparently it was not like Marvel). This caused producers to go back and redo a lot of Suicide Squad, which ruined the authenticity of the movie. You could tell a lot of the jokes were forced and some of the actors struggled to carry them out. I was not happy with this movie, and it really saddened me because I was very much looking forward to it.

will-smith-ne-porte-pas-le-masque-de-deadshotHands down, Will Smith and Viola Davis know how to do their job. Will Smith might not be that great in dramatic movies, but action movies are his forte. Imagine a Will Smith action character (pick any one… iRobot, Hancock, etc.) playing Deadshot – congrats, you’ve just seen Deadshot played by Will Smith. He was his typical sarcastically funny self with the most screen time than ever!! He definitely got paid. But he wasn’t disappointing to watch. I’ll give him that. I actually enjoyed him more than anyone else. He was a joy to see on screen, which surprised me because originally I had many many doubts.

Viola also did the damn thing. She was sooo good as Amanda Waller. Like, I can’t imagine anyone else playing that character now. Viola is a serious actress. You just can’t fcks with her. She completely embeds herself in the role, and that’s what good acting is all about. I hope she comes back in future movies, specifically Justice League. If she is, let me know so I can do my happy dance.

I was completely disappointed by Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and Jared Leto as Joker.Suicide-Squad-Production-Joker-Harley-Quinn Granted, they didn’t give Jared a lot of screen time…but to be fair, the movie wasn’t specifically about him. I actually thought he would be the villain, but apparently, he was just a side story. Regardless, for what I did see, he was doing waaaay to much! I don’t know if I’m still mourning over Heath Ledger and can’t see anyone else as Joker after that epic performance (actually…I know that’s it), or if Jared was just horrible. Smh. He was just horrible. His performance sits right up there with Jesse Einsenberg’s Lex Luthor…ugh. We need a do over.

Margot Robbie has the Harley Quinn look but she definitely does not have the acting down. Yes, Harley is a dits and super annoying, but there is something about her crazy that makes you want to be her crazy-ass friend, yet stay the hell out of her way. I couldn’t connect with Margot’s version of Harley. It was just too unbelievable. They should have gone with someone else, like Amanda Seyfried – she’s done the ditsy, crazy, sexy serious roles, and I would have loved to see her play all three in one.

As far as the movie itself. The plot was just lazy and fell flat. In the last fifteen minutes, I was ready to bounce (but of course that’s not something I do). It was nice to see a few easter eggs, specifically with Ben Afleck as Batman and Ezra Miller as The Flash, but other than that, there wasn’t much to enjoy.

I am sooo saddened by the disappointment this movie gave me. It really sucks to get soo excited about a live-action movie and then see it be an epic fail. Does “true-to-character” mean nothing anymore?? *sad face*

RiceBall Review: 4.0

2 thoughts on “Betrayed by the Summer Movie Hype… A Star Trek Beyond and Suicide Squad Review

  1. I’m uninterested in the movies, but I definitely enjoyed the review.

    I would argue, however, that most reboots of a movie/book/tv show/comic/etc will have the interpretation of the writers involved because it’s damn near impossible to write the same characters that were seen the last time those characters were written, and the writers have their own ideas about what the characters should look like.

    ALSO, Will Smith is dope in drama roles, too. Pursuit of Happyness, Ali, Seven Pounds, etc? Wild.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading!

      I definitely agree that the writers can’t create the same characters created in the past, but I think that there is a way to ensure the character still remains true-to-form to appease the fans (cuz we matter!) For example, I thoroughly enjoyed Ben Afleck’s Batman and Christian Bale’s version as well. Two completely different actors in completely different context, but still true-to-form. I don’t know if the director/producers had much of a say in how they wanted the characters to be portrayed, but it looks like Jared Leto decided (on his own) how he wanted the Joker to be, which might have been part of the problem.

      Agree with you on Will. He was fantastic in “The Pursuit of Happyness”, but to be honest, I didnt really like him in “Ali” or “Seven Pounds”. But hey, no one’s perfect. He’s still a great actor and really really great in “Suicide Squad”.


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