Re:Zero: Reasons Why We Need A Second Season

This summer we were blessed with so many interesting anime. One, in particular, that caught my eye, and was one of the most interesting I’ve seen in a while, goes by the name of “Re: Zero: Starting Life in Another World”. Now, I first encountered this show by just scrolling down my timeline on Facebook and seeing a gif  on Crunchyroll’s page. I got so hyped because the fight scene was dope and kind of reminded me of Black Lagoon. So I went and looked up the show, saw pictures, and even a preview. It didn’t look anything like the gif, but I still wanted to watch this anime because it sounded very interesting. After asking one of my friends about it and continuing to contemplate it, I gave it a shot. Check out the trailer below:

Now I thoroughly enjoyed this anime; Re:zero has everything from fight scenes, to drama to love and even some very tripped out what-just-happened moments. It  has yet to be officially announced that there is a season 2, but many fans including myself, are wondering what is next, and why are there so many unanswered questions. For instance there are so many characters who have untold stories or mysteries behind their methods, leaving us wonder what could they be hiding. The season finale had a cliffhanger edge to it as if there should’ve been more – but, I mean, with 25 episodes how much more can you put in one season? So I want to give my reasons why I think  we need a season 2.

The Witch’s Scent by CrispyGray

Why Did the Jealous Witch Pick Subaru? Why is He So Valuable? Who is She?

So throughout this anime, we see the main character Subaru. He has been cursed with the ability to die and come back to life, but the only true misfortune is when he dies, he remembers everything. No one else shares the memories. He begins life again at the same point of his life originally ended.He soon finds out that he was cursed by the Jealous Witch. Now we do not see the Jealous Witch in this anime except for a few glimpses, such as when Subaru is antagonizing her. But we have to ask, why did she pick Subaru? We hear multiple times during the last few episodes from Betelgeuse that Subaru might be Archbishop of Pride and that’s why he has the Witch’s love on him. Another reason we hear is because he is the only one who is able to get close enough to get Emilia to let her guard down. We learn that the Jealous witch wants to takeover Emilia’s body, but she is having a hard time doing that. But from all this, still what is the reason she cursed Subaru? Was she watching him in the other world?


Subaru himself has said it numerous times, he is nothing special, he is small, weak, and fragile, and he always runs away. But there is one thing that Subaru has, and that’s the  courage to never give up on anyone. We’ve seen it countless times that he never gives up even when everyone else does or maybe that is also his pride. Hopefully, in season 2 we get to see why the Jealous Witch cursed Subaru, and why she adores him or is fascinated by him. Maybe when the Jealous Witch takes over Emilia she will try to make Subaru her king, or take his spirit and put it in the dragon. We will get to the dragon in a few.


What is Next for Rem? and Her and Ram’s relationship with Roswaal?

Rem is one of the best characters in this anime in my opinion, and I have been hearing a lot of people agree with that statement. She is very sweet, and kind, and she is extremely powerful. But at the end of this anime we see she kind of shifts from the maid of the mansion to – if I have nothing else to fight for I will fight for Subaru. She has fallen in love with him only to be rejected in the worst way, but she still cannot deny her love for him. I wonder what next season will hold for her and her sister Ram. Rem has shown her strength in different episodes, while Ram has also shown her strength, but see she is not as nearly as powerful as her sister. Hopefully next season we see Rem get to use her powers again, but moreso controlling them, and even though Subaru rejected her, maybe we will see Rem have another love interest (or Subaru will see how much she really does care for him).


Let’s examine the relationship Rem and Ram have with Roswaal L. Mathers. All we really know about Roswaal is everyone is staying inside of his Mansion. He dresses very interesting, almost like a clown, but very elegant at the same time. He also uses magic. We also know he is cosigning Emilia for seat at the throne, but it almost seems like he has another motive when him and Ram were talking in one episode. Ram was telling Roswaal how she will always serve him, since he saved her and Rem from the witch’s cult the night their village was attacked. Roswaal also healed Ram’s broken horn. Roswaal also mentions he has plans to destroy the dragon. So we have to wonder what was he doing when saving Rem and Ram, and why does he want to destroy the dragon? I have a small theory that he was in the witch’s cult and denounced it. I believe he was ordered to kill Rem and Ram but refused to.

Who is, or What is the Dragon? and Why does Everyone Want to Kill It?

In various episodes, we hear different characters mention this dragon, but what or who exactly is the dragon? We hear a story from villagers that the Dragon trapped the Jealous Witch and now she cannot do anything. that’s why she has to go into someone’s body who is capable for harnessing her powers. But we also see that Roswaal wants to kill the Dragon. So maybe Roswaal is  hoping that the  Jealous Witch takes over Emilia’s body, so both of them can kill the Dragon together, hence that’s why he is cosigning with Emilia. We have to wonder why is the Dragon so special, and how does it have that much power to be able to trap the witch? Hopefully season 2 shows the story of the dragon. I also feel that the Dragon is a metaphor for two things: in this Kingdom of Lugnica where there are magical creatures, I feel the Dragon can either transform into a human, or is a magical creature that rules over the kingdom, coming out only when needed.

Where did Elsa go? and Why was She So Important to Introduce First?

When this series first begins we are introduced to Subaru, Felt, Emilia, and also Elsa Granhiert. All of these  characters were seen throughout the series except Elsa. She was only  in the beginning. From what we know, Elsa is a trained assassin, more so a badass with some dope swordsmen skills. She is one of the witch’s special assassins as she has come for the crest that Felt stole in the beginning. Now Elsa slices everyone, specifically slices their guts open – a specialty of hers with the way her swords have been wielded. But why did we not see her anymore in the series? I expected to see her during the battle or with the witch’s cult, but she did not show her face anymore. We also see that she has a supposed power of being happy to smell someone’s fear, so maybe that comes into play later on in why she is so skilled. Like this woman is so dope, I wish we could’ve seen more of her. I feel the witch has a special plan for her and Subaru,  in terms of Elsa is going to extract something or some kind of information from him.

What did Puck Transform Into? and What’s Her Relationship to Emilia?

Puck is possibly one of the strongest characters in this show, what we know right out the gate is that Puck is a spirit, and lives in Emilia’s gem. But Puck’s power is limited to when the sun goes down. But quite a few times we hear Puck call Emilia her daughter, which may distinguish why Puck is always so protective of her. Is Puck Emilia’s mother, or is Puck a guardian that took her in. Now in episodes 15, 16, and I believe 17, we see the extent of Puck’s power, and I just have to say the end of episode 15 gave me the chills. It reminded me of an old Shaw brothers or samurai move, mixed with kind of a Tanrantino feel. Now we didn’t quite see what Puck transformed into, but it was some kind of large beast that has the ability to destroy the world. This only comes out after Emilia has supposedly died, which shows the magnitude of Pucks power especially if anyone hurt Emilia.

Hopefully they can show how Puck got her powers, and what she was before turning into the spirit. I believe she died maybe helping the dragon to protect her daughter and asked the dragon to turn her into a spirit. Or if that’s not the case Puck asked Emilia to turn her into a spirit because she could no longer keep going on with life, maybe she used the rest of her magic to be able to stay with Emilia.

What is in Store for Emilia? and Is She Prepared to take the Throne?

Emilia is the female protagonist in this series. She is half elf which gives her an elf-ian look, but also why the town is afraid of her. She resembles the Jealous Witch, which is in part why the Jealous witch wants to possess her body. Emilia is very powerful, but also has a very kind and sweet heart, wanting to change the Kingdom and bring peace and prosperity. But as we see in a few episodes there are other women battling for the throne of the Kingdom – the likes of Priscilla, Crusch, Anastasia, and also Felt.  All of these women have very strong personalities, but Emilia seems the most kindhearted, until she has to prepare for war. I think she is the best choice for the throne, but I believe Crusch, Priscilla and Felt might be her competition, especially if it comes down to dealing with Subaru.

After fighting this battle with Subaru, and defeating the Witch’s Cult, I feel that Emilia, and Subaru will become closer, but I believe he will teach her the ways of each of the other women who she is in competition with, since he was able to speak to each of them one on one. I also feel that Emilia is a little naïve and nonchalant because her main goal is to become queen, but it also seems she needs a little more attitude to show her stance in taking the throne. Even though out of all the other queens, Emilia is probably the most powerful with her magic, and then also with the help of Puck, she knows if she uses any of that it could scare away votes. I think she’ll learn to win over the villagers, or the villagers will see that she is the only one they can truly trust in times of need.


I did not touch on Felt, but I would love to know her back story, and how Reinhard knew she was royalty. Felt being in this competition for the throne is very interesting, and I hope in season 2 they show a little of her back story.

Overall I really enjoyed Re:zero. Hopefully we get a season 2. Some parts of this anime were slow, but once it really got into the story, and showing Subaru and the other characters, the episodes were amazing. These are just some of the reasons why I think we need a season 2. If you have any other reasons, don’t be afraid to comment below. And if you haven’t already checked out this anime yet, I suggest you do that.


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