RiceBall in the building for NYCC 2016! 

It’s go time! RiceBall is bringing you the latest and greatest from New York Comic-con!

It was no small feat for achieving 2016 New York Comic-con tickets. From system issues to being charged on two separate credit cards to figuring out fan verification, RiceBall fought the good fight and snagged tickets for all 4 days. We are finally in the building and it’s already sooo lit!

Every year, NYCC feels like Christmas in October. It’s literally nerd heaven! Celebrities, sneak peeks, panels, cosplay, giveaways, and the omni-presence of Stan Lee!!! We always feel right at home.

Meeting up with fellow nerds, making friends and showing nerd love is what we’re all about! It’s always a positve experience and ReedPop does an amazing job of bringing the best of everything nerdy to the east coast.

Check out our Instagram posts on @feedmericeballs to see what we are up to all weekend! If you spot us, don’t be shy! Come say, hello!

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