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MonthDecember 2016

What Netflix Gave us for the Holiday Season

So before the year 2016  is over, I had to send you guys off with a little something. Hoping everyone had a good Christmas, or Holiday. For some reason December has turned into Sci-Fi Month, from Star Wars, to the movie Passengers, to the new Alien trailer. I am not here to talk to you about those things I want to share with you some interesting movies and shows I have recently stumbled across on Netflix. I have been scanning social media from Facebook and Twitter like I normally do when I stumbled across one movie and one show that really intrigued my interest. First off I will talk to you guys about this movie called “Spectral” it is very out there and I will get into more details, and the show I ran across just scrolling down Facebook is called “The OA” I didn’t know what to think of this show when I saw the trailer, but was still very excited to understand what it was about.


I don’t know what it is about December, but for some reason it just turns into all out Sci-Fi this and Sci-Fi that for the last few years, which I am completely with. Since I am a big fan of anything galaxy related, going to different dimensions, as long as there is a good story behind it, and the acting is good. Also hopefully in the near future we see more people of color staring in Intergalactic movies and shows that don’t have stale and old stories, but that is another conversation and another post for another time, lets jump right into it.

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Heroes v Aliens: DC Domination “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”

So just recently it has been about a week and a few days since one of the biggest comic book TV events went down, the 4 night crossover event, Heroes vs. Aliens. This crossover event  is Super girl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Now the promo for this event was through the roof, everyone was going crazy for the simple fact all of these shows are kind of like the standard for a comic book show and what it should look like, or at least what people are hoping a show based on a comic will look like. For some reason I did not want to write about this only because I wanted to let the show ride out and just see how I felt, but over the weekend or after the legends of tomorrow episode I was thoroughly inspired just to write a small piece for you guys. I want to show one of the promo trailers.

That was a great trailer, now all of this excitement for this 4 night spectacle everyone was just hoping for the best, knowing how most shows or movies with too many characters; especially characters people like tend to ruin things. I just want to share my thoughts on what I thought of each episode and hopefully what they can do for next year. Oh you already know there’s going to be another crossover, this was too big not to keep it going.

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