Heroes v Aliens: DC Domination “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”

So just recently it has been about a week and a few days since one of the biggest comic book TV events went down, the 4 night crossover event, Heroes vs. Aliens. This crossover event  is Super girl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. Now the promo for this event was through the roof, everyone was going crazy for the simple fact all of these shows are kind of like the standard for a comic book show and what it should look like, or at least what people are hoping a show based on a comic will look like. For some reason I did not want to write about this only because I wanted to let the show ride out and just see how I felt, but over the weekend or after the legends of tomorrow episode I was thoroughly inspired just to write a small piece for you guys. I want to show one of the promo trailers.

That was a great trailer, now all of this excitement for this 4 night spectacle everyone was just hoping for the best, knowing how most shows or movies with too many characters; especially characters people like tend to ruin things. I just want to share my thoughts on what I thought of each episode and hopefully what they can do for next year. Oh you already know there’s going to be another crossover, this was too big not to keep it going.



First up Supergirl, with this episode I really enjoyed, but I also felt like the writers gypped us a bit. For all those who don’t know Supergirl has just recently joined The CW this upcoming season and so far, they have done a great job with season 2. For all of the comic book people who aren’t into the show but wanted to see this crossover event, this was a big push for the show. I think this was a good showing of the range this show can go on for many people who are not dedicated watchers like myself and also Neenee one of the other writers for Riceball. In this episode we don’t really see a huge crossover just yet which is why I feel they gypped us, but if you understand storylines and television you can see they needed to finish up this storyline so when the show comes back we aren’t completely lost.


In this episode we see Kara and her family and friends and new found friend Mon el from Daxom all sitting down getting ready for thanksgiving dinner, until a mysterious portal comes out of nowhere. We then see Mon EL enter this new found Alien Bar, only to look over in the distance thinking he has spotted Director Henshaw, but only for it to be Cadmus’s new creation Cyborg Superman. Throughout this whole episode we see Kara is trying to get close to Lena Luthor to find out more about Lena’s mother while Cadmus is trying to exterminate all of the Aliens. This was a really well put together episode and a good introduction for a lot of people who might not watch the show regularly. The only bad thing about this episode there was no crossover til the very end where we see Barry aka The Flash and Cisco, vibe and transport to Kara’s apartment where the crossover begins. It is understandable because of Supergirl being so new to CW, they probably didn’t know how to write in the introduction of the crossover, but all in all good first episode, just wish they would’ve introduced the crossover a little sooner.



Part 2 of the crossover we have the flash, now this episode starts off in a very strange, but amazing way, The flash throws us right into the battlefield, with Oliver(Green Arrow) and Barry, with Oliver saying “You’ve really done it this time Barry”, but we have know idea what Oliver is talking about until we see a beam smash into a concrete wall, notably it is heat vision. Now in my opinion this was my favorite episode in the whole crossover because it moved so smooth, and this is where everyone got together and teamed up. We later see the beginning of how this all happened a meteor of some sort comes crashing to earth, but in reality it is a spaceship, which Barry goes to check and uncovers, The Dominators, we soon find out they are the main villains of this crossover series. Strangely Lyla (Diggle’s wife) knows Barry and says the U.S. government has known about the Dominators for 50 years.

arrow-flash-supergirl-legends-of-tomorrow-villain-dominatorsNow I don’t know much about the dominators but as they explained in the show, they basically want to kill all humans, because they see humans as a threat to the balance of the universe, especially when humans have special abilities. But if you’ve been keeping up with Legends of Tomorrow you know Firestorm (Jax and Stein) heard a secret message from Barry 50 years in the future. this episode showed basically everyone blaming Barry for everything which it seems like this season is happening a lot to Barry. Barry can not catch a break. Everyone wants Oliver to be the leader, but Oliver suggest Barry since he is the one that stumbled upon this. We see Kara and Oliver are Barry’s ride or die friends in this crossover and trusting him to do the right.

But what makes this episode so great is that we see a lot of action, with the team going after the dominators, and the dominators setting a trap for the team, making everyone turn against Barry and Oliver. I thought Oliver would’ve called in the B team for this, but not so fast. Barry and Oliver handled the team quite well. Probably the best episode.


  arrow-season-5This was a very special episode of Arrow not just because it was in the crossover, but this was the 100th episode of the show. So everyone watching knew that this episode was going to have a lot in it. and if you’ve been paying attention to the airways you heard certain people would appear in this episode. Sorry to throw out spoilers, but at the end of the flash episode, certain people have been taken hostage by the dominators for reasons we don’t know why, but Thea, Oliver, Ray, Sara, Diggle. This episode already starts off with a bang with Laurel Lance hoping out the shower and might I add she looked beautiful, but her and Oliver were engaged. Which this comes as a shocker to most viewers as to what happened to her last season. Might I add this new season has been really good, giving us the throwback feeling of season 1 and 2. So with seeing Laurel we already know this is some kind of dream world. This is honestly one of the best episodes of Arrow just in general of well it was put together, with seeing that Oliver is in some dream world, we see that everyone else is also seeing  false realities or things that are connecting themselves to Oliver.

While Oliver and the others are stuck on the Dominators ship, Flash, Kara and the Legends team, team up Team Arrow B squad. We see that Rene aka Wild Dog has a problem with Meta Humans or people will power, until Super girl and Flash both come to his rescue. I actually loved this little fight scene with the rest of the team joining up together because it showed, everyone coming together to find out how to bring Oliver back, but also stop regular criminals. In the False Reality, Oliver, Diggle, and Sara and Ray all come to terms with the fact this is fake, and we see probably one of the best fight scenes, all of Arrows villains all rolled into one big vs battle, we see Damien Darhk, Deathstroke, Malcolm Merlyn and some of the league of Assasins henchmen. We see Sara and Malcolm goin at, Diggle and Deathstroke and Oliver and Damien like it was just amazing. To me this felt more like an Arrow episode then crossover, but it was still amazing.

Legends of Tomorrow:

legends_of_tomorrow_intertitlePart 4 and the final episode of the crossover, but before I say what I feel on this episode I have to say Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow has improved so much from season 1, and they are doing an amazing job. So now drum roll please, we knew right off the bat this would be the major final battle episode, but we learned a few things in this episode that the Dominators came to earth, but there plan was not fully to destroy humans right off the bat. Since the Flash went back in time and saved one of the dominators from fully being captured by the CIA or FBI or mainly the guys who every one on twitter called “Men In Black”. Even though Flash and the rest of the team saved the dominator, they realized Humans cannot be trusted in general, but especially the ones who have special powers. Jax and Stein believe this is the reason Barry sent the message to the team long ago. Sidenote: One of my favorite characters or I should say my two favorites in this show are Jax and Heatwave, wish Jax was in this episode more. Dominators give the team an ultimatum either they hand over Barry or everyone dies. The Team finally has Barry’s back after disagreeing with his methods.


This was a really good finale episode for the crossover, we see the team isn’t divided, and everyone has come under one cause, that you can’t take Barry, he might have messed up like really, really messed up, but he still is one of the best people you could have as a friend. We also see that Stein has met with his future daughter (who turns out to be a big help) which he has been having visions about and is so afraid that his younger self that he met a few episodes back and last season has messed up once again. Stein, and his daughter come up with a plan to get rid of the dominators. We see some heat between Oliver and Kara and it was extremely funny when a dominator almost threw Oliver off the roof and Kara saved him, like you can’t be mad at Kara after that. The battle between the Heroes and Dominators was really cool to see and how everyone used different powers and different fighting styles. You could tell this was a Legends episode, but this also really felt like a crossover episode. Very good finale episode.

Last and Overall Thoughts: I really enjoyed the crossover episodes, but I just wish there was more action. I wish we could’ve saw more fight scenes or just have different Heroes come in contact with the aliens. Kara aka Supergirl was one of the highlights of the crossover she did amazing job for only her second crossover, she brought a different spark to all of the characters. Especially at the end of the legends episode what Kara said to the vice president I believe. Two other MVPs for this crossover were Jax aka Firestorm and also Thea. Two key players that I don’t think got enough shine in the crossover, but they came up big at the end of the episodes. I also wish that  the crossover would’ve started sooner in Supergirl, but they probably didn’t know how to introduce everything with her newly being added to the CW.

Also we see  that Barry has been taking a lot of heat all season long from episode 1 of the new season of The Flash to even these crossover episodes. The Lesson that needs to be learned is “don’t mess with time.” I just wonder what it will take for Barry to really start realizing what he does sometimes is bad. Aside from all of that DC dominated the airways and this crossover and going to be bigger and better next year I can already tell. Hopefully this will be the case. Let me know what you thought of the crossover, comment below, See ya next time riceballers…



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