Miss Me?

Ladies and Gentlemen sorry for the delay, but Stewy P. Newton is back, and I have a lot to talk about and a lot to share. So first off Happy New Month, these few weeks all the way from the end of January up until now has been crazy. TV and Netflix have been jammed packed with new releases, and this is why we are I have been watching so much TV it’s crazy, I want to talk about the Netflix Original Series well more like new version of Lemony Snicket’s: A series of Unfortunate Events TV show, and also the Season 4 of Sherlock which most people believe could be the final season. So hold on this is going to be a very mysterious and intriguing adventure as we dive into these two shows.



Ever since both A Series of Unfortunate Events and Sherlock were announced the year before I have been anticipating to see the direction of both shows. Sherlock leaving us off on a cliffhanger and this new adaption to the Lemony Snicket series intrigued me.

First I would like to take a look at A Series of Unfortunate Events, now I was super excited that Netflix even wanted to decided to take on this challenge, since Jim Carrey did such a great job in the movie version, I didn’t think anyone would be able to top that performance. Then Netflix announced Neil Patrick Harris would be playing Count Olaf, I was not thrilled at all for the simple fact I like Neil Patrick as an actor, but I did not see him playing that well of a Olaf, and maybe I was still amazed by Carrey’s performance, that I did not want anyone to touch this platform. Then the trailer came out and I started to rethink just a little, but still wanted to judge Neil Patrick for myself.

Now onto the show, first off I love how each episode in this series starts with Lemony Snicket played by Patrick Warburton narrating each chapter, telling the story of the Baudelaire children and Olaf. Many people have said this show is too dark and depressing, but also amazing. Even though before each episode starts Lemony Snicket states if you are looking for Happy Endings, or fortunate endings this is not the show for you. So you can see people are setting themselves up for a never-ending battle of unlikely wishes. I have to state that the scenery in this show is so bright and beautiful and colorful, you truly felt apart of their world and show. I thoroughly enjoyed this show like I knew I would, this show had many great parts, the portrayal of each character was very well done, even though I think I like Klaus more in the movie then in the show, and Violet, well of course Violet is always going be amazing, but I do wish we could’ve seen her create more inventions. We saw her constantly problem solve, but it felt like we needed more of her building skills. Sunny was occasionally adorable with how no one could understand her, except for Violet, Klaus and Olaf’s hooked handed henchman, which side note that guy was amazingly funny really enjoyed his character.

There were so many great side characters from Mr. Po who always gave us a humorous cough, when the children were trying to find out the truth about a serious situation. Also Aunt Josephine played by the great Alfre Woodward. We also got to see Will Arnett and Cobie Smulders who we think are the parents of the Baudelaire children, but never quite given an answer if they are the children’s parents until an interesting plot twist later in the season, no spoilers here you have to see for yourself. This show has so many interesting things that make you scratch your head like what does this mean, especially when Mr.Po cough or when certain characters give strange looks or pause on a subject. Even though in the movie you get that same strange feeling like we aren’t being told everything in this series we definitely get more of mystery feel as if we are taking a journey with the children to find the truth. I can’t believe I forgot one of my favorite side characters Uncle Monty, a lot of the scenes in the show with him and at his house were extremely funny. I can’t forget Mr. Po’s secretary she was amazing.


Last but certainly not least the mysterious Count Olaf, now before I said I was not thrilled about Neil Patrick Harris, well he completely changed my perspective and I loved him as Olaf. Every time Olaf changed into a different character it was funny and amazing to see the difference between him and Carrey and you could tell he knew he was going to be compared to the movie. Neil Patrick was able to give us that obnoxious and entitled, yet obscured and absurd Olaf we needed to see from him. I think one of my favorite disguises by Olaf is probably Captain Sham and Stephano. Captain Sham was hilarious especially when all of the town’s people were helping Olaf come up with blatant lies about his origin story for sham. I have to say I was very impressed with the way Neil Patrick took on this role and can’t wait for more from him.

Next up we have Season 4 of Sherlock, I have been anticipating the new season for quite a long time binge watching the series over and over hoping new episodes would pop up just randomly one day, I know right pathetic. I finally got my wish, but what I didn’t know was there is prologue episode before the season starts, basically to get you ready for series 4. BBC put out a Sherlock Christmas special named “Abominable Bride” which was an amazing special which takes you on this demented journey of Sherlock picking up right at the end of Series 3 when everyone jumps on the Jet to take Sherlock away. This special sort of gives us like an inside scoop of how messed up Sherlock has really been since the end of his rivalry with Moriarty. Now many have speculated that this is the final season of Sherlock especially with the ending to this new season, but Benedict Cumberbatch has stated he does not believe this is the end for the series.


This new Season starts off with Sherlock and Watson finding out somehow Moriarty might still be alive, but are then stopped by a new villain, who at first seems awful and sadistic but we soon learn this is all an illusion trapped in Sherlock’s mind. Series 4 definitely stretched Sherlock’s ability to determine what is real and what isn’t, but this Season also looked at the close but not so close relationship of Watson and Mary, and how there seems to be an eerie yet awkward kind of feel to them. There are so many plot twist in this new season especially during the end, finding out Sherlock and Mycroft’s past. Everyone and I mean everyone in this season has secrets. I mean even Mrs. Hudson has a secret.


We see a different Sherlock, from a confident know it all who can examine anything, to someone who this time around feels a little inadequate as if his own mind is betraying him. One important thing I believe that was said about Sherlock that Mycroft, and Watson never really analyze, but Mrs. Hudson saw it, she said Sherlock isn’t always about analyzing everything, he’s also very emotional, and he let’s his emotions overrun him at times.  We are taken on a thrilling adventure with the gang from 221B Baker Street, as they uncover the truth of an unsolved mystery.

I loved both Sherlock and A Series of Unfortunate Events and I hope if you have not seen or watched them yet, you go do so. These shows are thrilling and compelling and also will make you laugh and also have you wondering what is going on at times, but that’s one thing I can say I love about mystery and adventures shows and movies, they provide you with almost like a guessing game at home, wondering if you the viewer can find out the truth for yourself.


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