DC’s Come Up: Who’s Going to Save The Universe

These last few weeks have been big for the DC Universe, you had Arrow, The Flash, and Super girl all have there season finales, and Gotham having its season finale this week. But we can not forget this past week The Wonder Woman finally hit theaters, and has been a big hit far and wide all over. Diana aka Wonder Woman has been on everyone’s social media feeds, all over TV and just think about it, this movie barely got any marketing until these last few weeks. You barely saw any Wonder woman posters or TV spots. Then the big controversy of the Women’s only movie screening for this movie that had many men screaming in annoying agony of the screening.  I not only want to share my thoughts on the movie after seeing it Thursday night before the worldwide premiere, but I also want to share my thoughts on Arrow, The Flash and Super girl how there season finales will change the course of the new seasons that are to come.


Before going to see Wonder Woman, everyone questioned whether or not this movie could save the DC cinematic universe, some believed it because they’ve been long term fans of this character, some people like me who loved Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman believed she would do excellent, and there’s other people who still had a big question mark on this movie. For one something happened that we rarely have seen in the past with movie screenings, an all woman screening. After this announcement and hearing men couldn’t even at least sit in the theater, they took to twitter and all social media outlets to voice their opinions. To me I think this was great advertisement not because of the men getting pissed, but the simple fact how many people men and women wanted to see this movie. I mean even for a Thursday night when I went to see the movie I did not expect to see as many men in the theater or even that packed to say the least. I knew going into this movie, I would not see any montages to the old 70’s wonder woman; the theme playing in my head as I bought my ticket… “All The world is waiting for you, and the power you possess” but I knew I was excited for something that was long awaited.


Going into this movie I honestly had zero expectations, except for it to be a good movie, and looking at early reviews that everyone pretty much enjoyed this movie. To be completely honest I definitely enjoyed this movie. The way this film started was great I thought we would just be starting off when she was young moving up to where she was now, but the movie sort of takes off after Batman v Superman and then goes into Diana’s story which I really enjoyed. First off I loved Robin Wright’s character she was so amazing and so beastly as General Antiope, I loved every scene she was in. I’m also glad we got to see a bit of diverse casting in the Amazonian women on Themyscira. Many fans were curious as to how Patty Jenkins and the Dc team would showcase the many different Amazonians, and they did a pretty good job of even giving some women of color lines in the movie.

Absolutely loved the first battle scene we come in contact with in the film with the Amazons and Germans. Just the fighting style was great, when Antiope said “shield” and they just launched her in the air, and how the Amazons using the different arrows. I even loved when Diana’s mom Hippolyta joined the battle and was so good.


Wonder Woman showcased a lot of good action throughout the entire film, I really enjoyed the chemistry between Diana and Steve Trevor. A lot of people are upset because they felt Diana was an idiot in this movie because of how much she didn’t know, but you have to look at it from this standpoint, she was actually very intelligent especially the scene where the generals couldn’t figure out the language that Dr. Poison was writing in. Diana honestly didn’t know about common things like telephones, and you have to go into a dressing room. You can honestly say this was the woman version of Thor because look at how Thor didn’t know a lot of things either, but did we call him an idiot no we just ran with it. Steve really helped Diana to understand not everyone is like you, and wanting to fight to save everyone. I think we saw Diana as being so strong and vibrant that seeing her not knowing a lot took away some of that she’s independent feeling.

bw-photo-wonderwoman_jpg_824x0_q71Wonder  Woman’s team was really great and funny, they held the movie together, a lot of supporting cast it’s hard for them to really be as good as the main actor or sometimes, one character will out shine the others, with either how good of an actor they are, or just they were given better lines. But everyone pretty much played there part and it came out great and I was happy to see a few people in this movie, that I’ve seen in other films. We saw how well this team came together even towards the end, when it was time for Diana to have the final battle, and the team knew they couldn’t stop Diana even if they tried. After seeing what she could do in no man’s land and even in the town, I believe Steve Trevor, Charlie, and Sameer all started to believe in her like she really is from another world, or some kind of super human on a mission, but were still skeptical of this even bringing an end to the war.

Aside from a lot of the action, this movie also had good humor,  I’m not talking about that dry humor, that everyone in the theater laughs at and you’re looking around like why was that even funny. Right off the bat we start with Steve having to tell the truth with the Lasso, and always reverting back to it, when Diana thought he was lying and him hating himself after telling the truth. Also the relationships between Sameer and Charlie were really funny, but also very touching when Charlie was scared in the battlefield. How can I forget Etta Candy she was amazing as the secretary, and played a great part in helping Diana understand things a little more, but also bringing that kind of cheeky smart back talk humor.

I won’t give any spoilers about the end or the villain even though, everyone has probably already seen this film once, or maybe multiple times. I enjoyed the villains, Dr. Poison was very intriguing I would’ve loved to find out what happened to her face, and at first this movie really did give us a twist about General Ludendorff and what his powers were. Diana wanted to kill Ludendorff every chance she could. When they finally did fight it was great. When Diana finally fought Ares, I have to say Ares how he fought was really good and how he looked was dope, but the fight itself was lack luster a little bit to me. I kind of started losing interest in it. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t want Ares to get smacked up and be beaten in two seconds, but it was kind of dragged out a little bit. Once we finally got into the battle where we saw Wonder Woman’s powers it didn’t fall flat for me, but it kind of felt like that was cool and just the scene itself didn’t really grab me, but I still liked it. I liked it for the simple fact I could see what Patty Jenkins was trying to do with that scene and showing that Diana was finally coming into her own and understanding her power a little more.


Overall I really enjoyed this film, Patty Jenkins did a great job, Gal Gadot was so beautiful, I was definitely one of the people when she was first casted as Wonder Woman was like why her? I felt wonder woman could’ve had more curves and looked different. But Once I saw Gal in Batman V Superman I said ok you guys just shut me up she is great, Gal Gadot truly embodies Wonder Woman and brings the look to life, and makes you feel like she really is Diana. Once again I loved Robin Wright as Antiope and it was a pretty dope week for her with the movie coming out and then also with the new season of House of Cards coming out the week after. Chris pine was funny and did great. The only problems I have with this movie was some of the slow motion scenes, but then once I was like that looks weird, then something dope would happen and I was like ok never mind, and then the movie felt dragged out a little towards the end. Do I believe this movie will save the DC cinematic universe? no but it’s a good start of what the movies should look like. Everyone says BvS was trash, Man of Steel was wack, Suicide Squad was trash. To be honest I enjoyed all of these movies, and for one Man of Steel wasn’t wack at all it was really good. But the thing about those movies they were all missing something that should’ve gave us a wow factor, but really didn’t. With Wonder Woman we saw a confident, strong woman who had amazing powers, something fresh we rarely see, and this film also had a good story that we could all follow, that didn’t leave us like where is this headed, or left room for fan boys to cry and say that didn’t happen. But this movie was great for woman empowerment and giving young girls and older woman something to really enjoy.  So will this save the Universe? it’s a possibility, we have to wait till later this year and see how well Justice League is.

Riceball Rating: 8/10


CW Season Finales



As Super Girl Season 2 has come to an end, and also with it’s first installment with being at it’s new home The CW, I honestly can say this season was really good and better than the first season. A lot of people were skeptical of this show including myself, but I truly gave the first season a chance and really enjoyed it. Now before this season even started we also heard Superman was going to be in it and everyone was kind of shaky of Tyler Hoechlin playing the role, but he actually did really good, he truly  brought to life Clark Kent and even played a good superman. This new season we got to Guardian played by Jimmy Olsen, and also more Aliens which is always fun, including the White Martians and Miss Martian herself. We saw Kara battle with relationship struggles and she finally found the man of her dreams Mon El from Daxam. We also got to see more of Lena Luthor who was trying to escape the past and the turmoil of being a Luthor with Lex’s long history and her mother who is just as evil as Lex. Season brought us a lot of action that was much needed for the fans and this second season.

Season Finale thoughts: To be honest I didn’t really enjoy the finale too much, the battle between Superman and Supergirl was really good, but I wish it would’ve lasted longer. Then the final battle with Rhea and Kara to decide the fate of Earth was pretty good, but the finale started to feel a little cheesy and kind of sappy in a way, I understand Mon El having to leave Earth because of the gas that was released and he couldn’t live on earth, but it kind of felt like ok we get it. But in a way we also felt sad for Kara because she’s been looking for love, but not looking for it and then when she finally gets it, then its ripped away from her yet again.  But one very interesting part of this finale was the very end with a child being sent into space. That made me wonder who the baby could be. Hopefully the Start of season 3 gives us more details.

The Flash:


Season 3 of Flash was all about Barry fighting off Savitar and finding out why this person from the Speed force wants to kill Iris and make Barry suffer. For Once Barry is always changing the timeline because he believes he can change things, but it only makes things worst. Beside that this season started off really interesting with the idea of bringing in Flashpoint, if you have ever seen the animated movie Flashpoint then you understand why everyone was so excited.  I wish Flashpoint would’ve lasted longer than it did, but I was happy that Wally got his powers back. This season we saw a lot of dynamics between the team, with everyone trying to tell Barry he doesn’t have to do it on his own that he has a team. We also see Barry and iris finally getting serious and getting closer to one of our favorite television  couples. One thing I wished is that we got to see more Wally in this season it seemed like he was in and out so much, when Wally is his sidekick and kind of protégé. One thing this season of The Flash got right was the transformation of Caitlin, which if you know she is also Killer Frost. They did an amazing job with Killer Frost the special effects, and just how evil she was. Savitar’s story started to get annoying because it’s like we want to know the identity but the reveal was pretty interesting.

Season Finale Thoughts: We were already thrown into a world wind of emotions with seeing Iris getting stabbed in the second to last episode, but this episode definitely had a twist. I really enjoyed this finale and getting to see Wally, and Jay Garrick and everyone coming to together to stop Savitar and to end his reign of terror and even bringing in the black racer to scare him a little. I was happy we also got to see Gypsy in this finale, she has been a great addition to the show and also giving Cisco a little more confidence in finding out more about his future and the extent of his powers. We see the end of Savitar with the end the Speed Force still needed something in return from Barry, with Barry going into the Speed force, will we see what happens to him or will this bring to light more Cisco and Wally action scenes.


Season 5 of Arrow, everyone has been having an up-down, love hate relationship with this show over the last two years, and I think the directors and writers have caught onto that. With this new season they truly revamped it with really good action scenes and a lot of fighting scenes that looked like they were straight out of a comic book or movie, and also seeing Green Arrow use more of his arrows with different gadgets attached to them. In this season we see that Oliver is learning that he is more than just a symbol that he wants to get out of the trenches of being a vigilante and make a difference by being Mayor. While out fighting Oliver comes across an unusual amount of young vigilantes who believe in Green Arrow but also feel if he can do it why can’t I. This is the first time we really see Oliver with a team other than Diggle, joining together with Curtis aka Mr. Terrific, Rene aka Wild Dog, and Artemis, and also Ragman. One thing about this season that was annoying and dragging was Oliver and Felicity, Felicity was extremely annoying this season, and it felt like them rekindling there love wasn’t necessary for the direction of these last episodes.  This season Oliver faced a very different Villain by the name of Prometheus who we soon learn is Adrian Chase. Now Adrian was so sneaky and dope, I also loved the music they gave Adrian anytime he was getting ready to do something evil, it gave you that true villainy feel once he was on screen. Adrian was always one step ahead of Oliver making it impossible for Oliver to really stop him.

Season Finale Thoughts: With Adrian capturing everyone Oliver loves, and luring him to the Island where it all started, Oliver saw there was no other way but to bring together a team of villains or the most deadly assassins to bring Adrian down. I loved that we got to see Deathstroke again and he was amazing in this season finale, he cared for Oliver so much even after everything that happened. We also got to see Malcolm and Nyssa. This season finale was really good and had some good action in it, from the different fight scenes to how each person played there part in trying to defeat Adrian. The ending of this episode left us off on a big cliffhanger, wondering with all the explosions going off, did everyone survive or did they make it. One problem I have is that it seemed Oliver was so oblivious that Adrian was going after his son, especially wen Malcolm was clearly spelling it out for him.  Overall good season finale can’t wait for season 6 hopefully not as many flashbacks.

If I had to put in order my favorite CW season finales, I would say Legends of Tomorrow  had one of the best, then Arrow, then Flash, then Super girl. CW is doing a really good job with these shows, hopefully the writing can get way better for the upcoming seasons.. What did you think of the new seasons?

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