Attack On Titan: Things we need to Know for Season 3

The long awaited second season of Attack On Titan has finally entered into the stratosphere, but as soon as it landed, it felt like it left us so quickly. This past Saturday was the season finale of Attack on Titan, now fans of this anime have been waiting nearly almost 2 years for the release of this second season, and all of us wondered why did it take so long? Was it production? was it not enough content in the episodes? were they trying to make every little detail perfect so critics wouldn’t have anything bad to say about the long wait. As the years went by I did not know so many people watched this show, but the more time went by, the more you found secret anime watchers, or if you even mentioned the name Attack on Titan people popped up like Meer Kats in the sand. But Everyone was wondering as soon as Season was announced we all thought this was just a joke especially with the premiere episode landing on April 1st, and in America April 1st is commonly known as April Fools Day. This only made fans of this show more skeptical; everyone said I won’t believe until that first episodes pops up, and it sure did right on crunchyroll.


Now with this newly Season of Attack on Titan we did not get a full 20  or so episodes, but this go around we were given 12 episodes, mixed with a lot of action leaving us excited for the next episode, especially with how a lot of these episodes ended. The show runners left us with a lot of unanswered questions that I feel we need answers, and even subtle things that they slightly touched on that left you guessing what is that? or who is that. I have condensed a short list of things I believe we need in Attack on Titan Season, and yes ladies and Gentlemen, Season 3 has recently just been announced for the upcoming year of 2018.


Who or What is The Beast Titan? : So we were slapped in the face the very 1st episode of this season with a newly incredible looking Titan who is known as the Beast Titan. Now this titan is so very different than what we have seen because the only Titans we have seen with any other indication that they might be intelligent is the Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan. Even in the title sequence of this new season we see a gang of different animals or beast that look like they have the ability to control things like this Beast Titan. We see the titan has the ability to control the other Titans not only to stop in motion, but also attack on command, which we have never seen. And in a way this new Titan has the ability to speak to Humans which most of the Titans except for Eren have never spoken a word. But more important question why did this Beast Titan to show it’s face all of a sudden, and what is the bigger motive. it has to more of a motive then just destroying humans especially after grabbing one of the scouts gear. Even in the finale we got a sneak peek of what’s to come for this Beast Titan, but I definitely want to know how was this titan created?


What plan do the Titans have under their sleeve?: As we moved along with this new season we found out some pretty big spoilers. We found out Berholdt is the Colossal Titan and Reiner is the Armored Titan. This shocked everyone even making Connie almost shell shocked that the truth even came out. But this only angered Eren and Mikasa with Mikasa almost chopping Reiner’s head off. Reiner and Berholdt in the process were telling Eren they want him to join them because they believe if all the Titans got together that their good be a bigger goal for all the Titans especially if Eren is on there side. After Kidnapping Eren and Ymir we learn more about the plan, but it’s still unclear why the Armored and Colossal Titan want to acquire all  the Titans. Even the two titans hinted at Annie and how she survived using her crystalized form. But it makes us wonder what is the major goal of why Eren is so important, but we saw in the finale what Eren is capable of.


What is the deal with Eren’s dad and this basement?: Since the first we found out that Eren’s dad is some sort of scientist and was working on experiments, and Eren is a product of those experiments. But Eren was left with a note and a key stating that he would get all the answers he needed in this basement. But in this second season we barely saw Eren or got any further into his backstory or any closer to the basement. But this was all a product of what happened at the end of the first with him using most of his titan power to fight Annie. I have a theory about what we will find in this basement, I think a lot of titans were instructed to keep watch over Eren, but just like Reiner and Berholdt they are living a double life and trying to not confuse the mission and also not get caught. Eren must be the key in stopping a lot of the titans or creating a stronger Titan army. I also believe we will find out all of the people who have the ability to change into Titans, but have not yet realized they can change.

Eren’s Future: In the season Finale we see Eren also has the power to instruct and stop the titans, but only from a certain source of energy. Hopefully we get more information on how this is possible, but we also see the relationship between him and Mikasa is starting to change a little more maybe into a romantic path. I am hoping that Eren also calm’s down a little more and not let his anger control him, but maybe that is apart of how he will be able to control things.


What Does the Future Hold for Mikasa? : As we all know Mikasa is one of the strongest and best fighters in the Scout Regime, and also maybe one of the most logical, but she also only fights for Eren and to be able to protect him like she always has. We have seen in the past you do not mess with Eren or Mikasa will be right there to attack or hurt anyone that tries to hurt him. In this season we see that she is starting show a little bit of a softer side when it comes to Eren, but also how much she will hunt anyone down to get the job done. It was also nice to see Hannes who has seen Mikasa and Eren grow up and how much Mikasa and Armin have always been there for Eren to protect him or clean up his mess, but also how much they all love each other. In the finale we see Mikasa is getting ready to fully express her love to Eren, before he interrupts her, we even see her blush which we have never really seen. Next season will we see a softer Mikasa? or will her aggression and amazing skill still be the forefront? Also will her love for Eren distract her or could we see an even stronger fighter or will she be devastated if he doesn’t feel  the same?


Who is Historia aka Christa? and Why is she so important? : At the beginning of this new season we were introduced to some new characters but also not so new. We found out about Ymir and Christa who we have soon come to find out her real name is Historia. We come to find out that Ymir knows Historia secret from her real name to the capital wanted to kill and control whoever was the daughter next in to take the throne. But also we find out a strange secret that the walls contain Titans. The Scouts were shocked to find out this secret, like how could the capital keep the very thing that is endangering the people inside the walls. We find out there is a secret cult that has put this in motion to keep the Titans in the wall, but only the next person in line has the say to what can be done with them. The season slightly hints on the fact that Historia is the one next in line, but she has no idea about her path or that she is even that important. The way Historia was not afraid of Ymir in her Titan form lets know that Historia maybe ok with joining this cult or finding a better solution.


Is Connie a Sleeper Agent? and What is the future for the Scouts? Early on in this season many of the young Scouts find out their villages have been destroyed, but one unusual thing has happened and this happens in Connie’s village. There are no people in side and no blood spilled except for this huge woman Titan that has crashed into Connie’s home. Subconsciously Connie kind of knows what happened, but he doesn’t want to believe that maybe his mother is this titan that is laying almost lifeless on the top of his mom, and does that mean he himself is a Titan. I think if Connie finds out that he is a titan this might break him and I don’t think he’ll be able to come back from it, the scouts going into the next season are planning to find out this newly found information, but also with General Erwin getting part of his arm ripped off by one of the Titans, we see the Scouts are now in regroup form. But what will the scouts try next time, it is hard to face the Titans when now knowing that anyone could be a Titan and that the Titans are actually are humans.


I thoroughly enjoyed Season 2 of Attack on Titan, a short season, but very action  packed, left us guessing so much about what comes next. I’m so happy that the third season has already been announced for next year so hopefully we found out some answers to these questions that we all have and even if some of our theories are correct.

8 thoughts on “Attack On Titan: Things we need to Know for Season 3

  1. I agree with all of this. And even if we don’t get an answer, this show needs to start looking like it is heading in the direction of answering stuff rather than just piling new mysteries on top of things that are already unanswered. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Totally agree like it truly needs to head in that direction where we can check something off of the list of ok this is how the titans were made or at least what’s the deal with Eren’s dad . No problem and thank you for reading and taking the time out

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