Game of Thrones is Back and I Can’t Deal! Let’s Talk Predictions for Season 7

O.M.G., y’all! I’m not ready! We’ve been waiting for this for over a year. A YEAR!!! And now Game of Thrones comes back THIS SUNDAY!!

Dancing / Giphy

Here’s the latest trailer…

It’s war, bitches. Dany is not play’in games! Let’s go #TeamTargaryen! Dragons are ’bout to murk er’body in the Seven Kingdoms. Cersei Lannister better watch dat ass. Sis is coming!

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As always, HBO doesn’t reveal too much about the premiering season. This is what we know so far from the trailer [SPOILER]:

  • Sansa Stark is well and alive in Winterfell with Jon Snow — for the time being.
  • Jon Snow lives to fight another day, hopefully as King in the North.
  • Cersei is alive, she’s queen, she’s alone and sitting on the Iron Throne (ugh).
  • Dany is plotting an attack with all 3 dragons (yes, honey) and her new Hand, Tyrion.
  • Arya is alive and well on horseback with Needle.
  • Littlefinger is still scheming.
  • Theon’s still around.
  • So is Brionne and Podrick.
  • ANNND…the Hound (why isn’t he dead yet?!)
  • Winter is here and white walkers are waiting.
  • Bran has a wheelchair and is flying with ravens???
  • War, war and more war.
  • So, I’m just going to go right into it. STOP READING IF YOU’RE NOT CAUGHT UP!!!





Don’t laugh, but I’m one of those people. A dedicated, and sometimes aggravated, lover of the GRRM novels. And I really hate that the show caught up and is now going completely rogue. It’s driving me nuts. Granted, for five seasons strong, the books and the show were pretty damn close. So as a devoted fan of GRRM, I appreciated that. But now that the show is all caught up, I’ve been placed in the same, smelly bucket as everyone else — the unknowing. I’ve got an idea of where things can go, but it’s still so unclear.

Here are a few of my predictions. Feel free to rip them up and tear them apart. I based my conclusions on how the book series ended and where the TV show still has yet to go.

1. Brienne and Podrick won’t survive the season

Bri and Pod
crayjoy@tumblr / Fanpop

I actually thought this would happen last season, but I guess they need time to show more of Pod and Brienne traveling together. In the books, they spend a lot of time looking for the Stark girls, never finding them, only to be encountered by Lord Beric and The Brotherhood without Banners. The meeting introduces Lady Stoneheart who is actually Catelyn Stark revived by Lord Beric. Catelyn is upset with Brienne because she never fulfilled her promise of returning the girls to Winterfell and asks her to kill Jamie Lannister, or die. Brienne chooses to die rather than to kill Jamie – because well, we all know she’s in love with him.

This entire scene on my TV screen would be phenomenal to see. I hope they reveal Lady Stoneheart this season, and if they do, we’ll know Brienne and Podrick’s demise.

2. Queens of War – The Martell’s and Tyrell’s will join Dany

Ellaria and Olenna.jpg
HBO / Fanpop

Last season ended with both the Martell and Tyrell women (Ellaria and Olenna) deciding to come together to take on Cersei Lannister who they both have a huge vendetta against. It only makes sense for them to join forces with the powerful Queen D, who is on her way to attack the high city.

Officially, the conversation among these two women doesn’t happen in the books, nor do other happenings such as the Sand Snakes killing their uncle in order to take his place. Nevertheless, there are some parallels.

The books explain the Martell’s have always been supportive of the Targaryen’s, even before the War of the Usurper. This is because the families were merged by Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell’s marriage. The Martell’s have also always hated the Lannister’s because of Tywin’s disrespectful offering of Tyrion (instead of Jamie) to wed Elia. This history of bad blood with the Lannister’s is why they ultimately want to see the Lannister’s fall and will support Dany to take her rightful place as Queen. Although this is easily conveyed in the novels, the show might be making this connection from Ellaria’s vengeful point of view. She’ll join Dany to easily gain the upper hand at besting Cersei.

It’s hard to tell the role the Tyrell’s will play. In the book, Margery is still alive and so is her brother, Loras, who is fighting for his life as he tries to recover from battle. With them both being alive in the books, it’s hard to guess how their story will align with the TV show. According to books, the Tyrells also supported the Targaryen’s during the War of the Usurper, which is what leads me to believe they will support Dany based on their history. But they’ll also do it to spite Cersei and ensure she dies a horrible, embarrassing death.

Although the Tyrell’s and Martell’s will try to join Dany, will she even care??

Dany has always rewarded those who did right by her family, but in the end both families pledged allegiance to the wrong side. I’m not sure she’ll be forgiving them that easily. It would be very, very empowering to see this turnout being a battle of the Queens — as Jon Snow is off making snow angels in the The North somewhere.

Snow / Giphy

3. Sansa Stark is pregnant

Helen Sloan / HBO

Yep, I said it. The girl is preggo with Ramsey Bolton’s baby. He may be dead, but she still hasn’t escaped the horrors he brought upon her. She’ll find out she’s pregnant, mull over whether or not to abort, and right before she’s about to go over the deep end, Littlefinger will swoop in to stop her. I’m sure he will find a way to make better use of the situation — meaning — he’ll marry Sansa saying the child is his, claim she is rightful heir to Winterfell  (instead of Jon) and raise the child, saving the secret.

Enter maniacal laugh.

4. Bran finds out he can control Dany’s dragons


So far, we know Bran is a warg with super-warg powers that are consistently getting stronger. His powers allow him to possess animals, possess humans and even travel through time. Without a doubt he’ll be strong enough to overtake the mind of a dragon. With winter finally making its appearance, Bran’s role in the war against the white walkers will become even more apparent. Dragons will definitely be key. They’ll need dragon-glass, dragon-fire and possibly the dragons themselves to be rid of the ALL the blue-eyed demons. So, I’m calling it — Bran will come face-to-face with the ferocious Drogon and end up ruling the skies.

He’ll also know of Jon and Sansa being alive but he’ll never go back to Winterfell. His power and purpose being too great to partake in the simple pleasures of his past.

5. Jon learns the truth about his mother

Helen Sloan / HBO

Last season, we all found out that Ned’s sister, Lyanna, gave birth to a child before she died. Enter Jon Snow. Jon, as we know it, is Lyanna and Rhaegar’s son. Shocker! Most of us already guessed this, but it was nice to see it officially revealed. So what now? No one knows this crazy, big secret except Bran and he’s too far away to spread the news. Someone else knows though, and I’m sure it is his white walker uncle, Benjen. He’ll spill the beans, which will motivate Jon to seek Dany out. The meetup with Dany won’t happen this season because they’ll both be focuses on separate wars – Jon against the white walkers and Dany against King’s Landing- but the encounter is bound to take place — if someone doesn’t die first.

Absolutely, can’t wait to see if these predictions come true! Do you have any predictions or theories for Season 7? Let us know!

Watch Game of Thrones on HBO this Sunday, July 16 at 9pm ET.

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