October brings back our favorite TV shows!

We made it y’all. Summer TV drought is over! October makes it rain with season premieres and new TV shows for us to bask in. I’m ecstatic! The entertainment is back! And my weeknights have purpose once again.

So far, The Gifted is my favorite show.

Watch the trailer…

The story is well put together and the SFX are on point. The characters are also really likable. If you’re an XMen fan, you’ll absolutely love this show — and all the XTAS references that come with it.

I’m also loving StarTrek Discovery. Take a look at this awesome trailer…

Wow. This show has it all! It doesn’t disappoint — something sci-fi heads will definitely appreciate. I was never a trekkie but after watching the first few episodes, I’m totally down for the cause.

Credit: Funny Times

*gives Vulcan salute*

Many of the new and returning shows are just starting off, so we have a lot to look forward to.

Take a look at our weekday/weekend lineup. We’re watching these and a few others that will be coming out soon.

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Supergirl (Season 3) @ 8:00pm ET on The CW

The Gifted (Series Premiere) @ 9:00pm ET on FOX



The Flash (Season 4) @ 8:00pm ET on TheCW

Legends of Tomorrow (Season 3) @ 9:00pm ET on TheCW



 Mr. Robot (Season 3) @ 10:00pm ET on USA



Gotham (Season 4) @ 8:00pm ET on FOX

Supernatural (Season 12) 8:00pm ET on TheCW

Arrow (Season 5) @ 9:00pm ET on TheCW



Once Upon a Time (Season 7) @ 8:00pm ET on ABC

Marvel’s Inhumans (Series Premiere) @ 9:00pm ET on ABC



Most likely binge-watching these…

Voltron: Legendary Defender (Season 4) on Netflix

Stranger Things (Season 2 premieres 10/27) @ 12:00am ET on Netflix



StarTrek Discovery (Series Premiere) @ 8:30pm ET on CBS All Access

The Walking Dead (Season 8 premieres 10/22) @ 9:00pm ET  on AMC


What are you excited to see this month? Let us know!




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