Justice League: Critics Should be Thrown in the Speed Force


The DC Extended Universe strikes back again with one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year “Justice League”, only to be struck down by critics. Everyone was anticipating the early screening reactions from many viewers. People re-tweeted and scouted all over the internet to see what people were thinking of the film. Many of the reviews seemed pretty good in terms of what we saw last year from the critics with Batman v Superman. To me, a lot of the early reactions seemed all the same. Even though they can never fully go in depth, I still felt no one fully had a good grasp on what they were feeling towards the film. Only about 2 really felt honest. But the early screen reactions weren’t the problem, it was the critics who seem to always bash the DC Extended Universe and we have to wonder why this is. If you come right out and blame Zack Snyder you should turn right around and keep moving.


I for one always like being my own judge regardless if critics give high praise or bash a movie. Every review read said this movie has flaws, things aren’t that great and so and so forth, but I want to give my spoiler free take on what I thought of “Justice League” — the good, and the bad and what I feel in comparison to the other DC Movies. Get ready!


My initial mindset going into this film was;  I don’t care what the critics say, I’m going to have my own opinion. But as I sat down and watched the movie I could see some of the reasons they said the things they said, but not fully. Overall Justice League was a really good movie, and I don’t get why people try to act like all movies and TV series don’t have flaws or stunt people or CGI problems. Before watching this movie I was pissed because of how Cyborg looked but they actually did a really good job on his CGI and just the way he looked with the robotic armor. But I definitely enjoyed this film with how it started with seeing Batman and how he was trying to understand these aliens or demons that came and invaded Gotham City.  I loved how we got to see the acrobatics of Batman and just flying from place to place and being more dependent on is grappling hook this movie. I’ve heard a few people say they weren’t impressed with Ben Affleck as Batman in this movie, but you have to understand, Batman or Bruce Wayne is a brutish person by the time this team-up happens. He’s already faced the Joker a number of times, he’s older, he lost maybe 2 Robin’s. I think Ben did a great job with bringing in the fact that it’s not a question of I want to do this, it’s a question of I have to do it now because I can’t live without the mask anymore and knowing all of this is going on.

Even Alfred mentioned it in the movie joking about how times were easier with only exploding blow up penguins and things of that nature, while Bruce smiles knowing what he means.


Steppenwolf as the villain was very interesting. I actually enjoyed him. The only problem I had was maybe how he looked at certain times in the movie. Other than that, he was great. I think Steppenwolf added the threat the team needed because he was trying to destroy earth and bring together these boxes called the “mother” boxes. I truly loved how we saw each character trying to fight him in their respected realms. One of my favorite scenes in this movie is when he fights the Amazons. Just seeing Hippolyta and the other Amazons on horseback was great. I also loved Steppenwolf’s back story and just the graphics were beautiful. We also see that the writers snuck in a line about Darkseid in there so hopefully the next film we get to see him.

I like how we got to see each member of the league before they teamed up and it’s not just like the world’s in trouble now we have to team up, it was more so like I’m here doing my thing if someone wants to come at me, let them. Wonder Woman was already on board after dealing with Doomsday with Batman and Superman and, well, Flash was just ready for action. To be completely honest Ezra did a great job as Barry Allen and the Flash. Some might say he was too quirky, or made you laugh too much, or he wasn’t that sure of himself. I for one enjoyed his performance, and how they added how Barry is always hungry. Only thing I didn’t like much was the sparks that he left behind. But I think they were trying to show how fast he really is. Other than that he was great. Aquaman was amazing also. Jason Momoa truly brought to life that character and the solo movie is going to be great. I loved the scene when we see Aquaman starting to babble out of nowhere before the major fight, and everyone is like, umm, earth to Aquaman. But everytime he came on the screen you were just like — yes! — he showed up just in time. I also really enjoyed how Arthur Curry just wanted to be left alone because that’s how he was in the cartoons and comics after dealing with everything in Atlantis. All you saw him do was drink and just not care but only cared to save people and not really to be worldwide known. Side note; I also enjoyed seeing Amber Heard as Mera in this movie, even though it was only a short scene, she looked beautiful.

Out of all the members on the team I think Cyborg was the most complex, and he truly is in that right — which I’m happy they did. After only seeing the previews, I was like they’re going to mess up Cyborg so much and I am going to be so mad. I honestly was thoroughly impressed with how well the CGI for Cyborg turned out and Ray Fisher did a great job with letting you see how pissed someone would be if they had this alien technology inside of their body or completely crafted a new body out of it. Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman definitely showed up in this movie and had very good moments. I just wish Cyborg’s body didn’t look like a terminator body and he was built a little more.

Wonder Woman vs.  Justice League

How can I forget the beautiful Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. She was amazing in this movie. I think Gal Gadot has put to rest all of the critics who said she wouldn’t make a good Wonder Woman. I loved the bank scene with Wonder Woman. Just seeing her power, and how fast she really is, and just the epicness of how great she is. We also got to see her being kind of the median in this movie, the person everyone kind of agreed with or saw that she has a more logical way of thinking. Wonder Woman brought that strong character, I think, we were all looking for in this movie, especially when the team first faced Steppenwolf and he told the other demons that she was his, and just that face-off was great between them and how we saw her holding her own for a while.

The big question everyone was wondering was, would “Justice League” do better than “Wonder Woman”? For me, personally, I really liked both of these movies. I didn’t think Wonder Woman was all the way great, but I think the bar was so low for Wonder Woman that Patty Jenkins made it her mission to blow your mind visually. I think what the Wonder Woman team did better with than the Justice League team is everything in the movie felt real, like you felt like you were apart of the movie. While in Justice League you felt you were watching a video game, which isn’t terrible or bad, it’s just as viewer you want to feel that realness. But Wonder Woman definitely captivated a lot of people and this was also our first time really seeing a movie like Wonder Woman on screen like this.


So we hear this word “flaws” and think oh no, but there were only a few things in this movie that could’ve been cleaned up more. Honestly just some of the CGI, and also the biggest spoiler alert which I won’t mention but you as the reader will probably know what I am talking about or pertaining to. That could’ve been cleaned up and touched up a little more. And for all the people who said the Amazons looked different in this movie than in Wonder Woman, I honestly didn’t see any difference in the outfits. When it came down to the fighting the Amazons had on the armor and the clothes they wear into battle. The side characters in this movie were pretty good, but felt like there was no need for them at times, except for Joe Morton as Cyborg’s dad. That was a nice touch having him in the movie. JK Simmons did a good job as Commissioner Gordon hopefully we get to see more of him. Lois Lane I’ve never really been a big fan of Lois in the DC Extended Universe and this movie I just felt like it was a waste a little bit.

Final Thoughts: I would’ve loved to see Zack Snyder’s finished product of what he had in store for us, but he had things to deal with so you can’t blame him. Also anyone who is blaming him for these dark and grim movies, do people realize that comic books in general are very dark and have an edge to them. Comic Books are 90 percent dark with like a 10 percent happy go lucky moments. Overall I enjoyed Justice League, I did feel like something was missing from the movie, but maybe that is knowing there are more scenes we haven’t seen and that were cut out. I liked how they connected Batman v Superman to this movie, even though everyone hates that movie, and I enjoyed it, I think we see a little bit of an understanding especially in the beginning credits and how everyone was effected by Superman’s death. If you are a fan of the comics you might be a little disappointed because it’s not what you initially were thinking it was going to be, BUT if you are a fan of the comics you will still enjoy how beautiful this movie was and just the take that Zack and Joss Whedon and the writers brought to film. If you are just a casual comic book movie watcher then you’ll enjoy the film.  Also, everyone, if you don’t know by now to stay until the end of the movie at the way end, there are two bonus credit scenes. I love the second bonus credit scene. Go see the movie don’t listen to the critics, and enjoy yourself.


Riceball Rating: 7.5/10

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