Murder on The Orient Express: Do you know who did it?

So this past weekend has been nothing but crazy, from Thanksgiving, to black Friday, to a number of different shows popping up left and right. I finally had time to go and watch a movie I’ve kind of been anticipating to see “Murder on the Orient Express” I went to the movie theater this past weekend with my mom and aunt, yes ladies and gentlemen, my mom and aunt, and also the noisy guy in the background. Don’t get me wrong it’s ok to make noise in the movies we all do, but come on dude not everything needs to be commented on every two seconds, but luckily I tuned him out and enjoyed myself. I’ve been wanting to check out this movie a few months back when I first saw the trailer, it looked so interesting especially with so many actors I really enjoy. But I got so busy and just put off the movie and kind of just waited to see people’s reaction or see if my mom wanted to go, since she just finished the book.

After seeing this trailer and seeing so many actors from Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Josh Gad, Daisy Ridley and Judi Dench. I just knew I had to see this film, and it just looked so interesting. I really do enjoy I won’t say a good murder mystery, but I enjoy intriguing stories, and characters who use every clue to find the suspect, but in an intricate way that involves everything you saw in episode or movie. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when going into the theater and watching this film, and I honestly didn’t even read any reactions or looked at the tomato score. I will give no spoilers, because when you find out the end, and fully indulge yourself in this film you will enjoy it.


First off we start with Hercule Poirot, he is the greatest detective in the world, he is finishing up a case in Jerusalem at the Wailing wall, and he sets to finish this case and soon to go on vacation. Hercule is a very particular individual that if one thing seems out of place there must be a logical explanation for it. As he says in the movie “I see the world as it is, not how I want to see it” We see that his particular taste for seeing the imperfections in the world and wanting to precisely make things right can take a toll on the man’s soul, but it is also why he is one of the best detectives. Hercule is interrupted before he sets off for vacation and has to take another case, but it is such sort notice he has to find a train, when he runs into an old friend Bouc, who lets him board his train “The Orient Express”. Hercule played by Kenneth Branagh did amazing in this movie he played has lead character, but also as comedic relief at certain points, which were actually quite funny. It’s funny also how everyone kept messing up his name and calling him Hercules, instead of Hercule, and he correctly them everytime.

As Hercule enters the Orient express we meet a very interesting group of characters.

This movie definitely gave me “Clue” vibes, one of my favorite movies all different people under one roof, or for this matter all in one train. Each character in this film had a very suspicious demeanor, but it also seemed like everyone got a long at the same time only but a few, well I guess you have to get along especially if you’re going for a long on a train ride. The Orient Express takes off and hits a huge blizzard and snow storm climbing up the icy mountains, while this is going on each character is either keeping to themselves or introducing themselves to one another. Everyone seems to have a simple distaste for Mr.Ratchett played by Johnny Depp, you can clearly see he is the gangster turned art dealer of this tale from the way he looks and talks and by how he’s dressed.


This film takes an unexpected turn of events when the train is derailed in the snow storm and everyone is stuck. This star studded cast stuck in a train together, stuck in the snow storm, and only make matters worst someone has died on the train. This is where things get sticky, everyone believes they are innocent, but Mrs. Hubbard played by Michelle Pfeiffer knew she heard some strange noises and that a man was in her room. I loved seeing how each character interacted with each other for example Dr.Arbuthnot played by Leslie Odom Jr. who I honestly didn’t recognize and Miss Mary Debenham played by Daisy Ridley, who you could tell were clearly in love with each other, but could not be seen together because of the 1934 settings and the racial tension of black and whites together. I also loved seeing Judi Dench and William Dafoe, their characters were so amazing, especially Dafoe at first I thought he was a racist in this film and got upset until Hercule brought out the underlining truth.  Another character who I really enjoyed and was sort of different from the normal things I see was Penelope Cruz as the reformed woman who gave her life to God.


I will not give any spoilers, because actually watching this film and seeing the whole process how Hercule solves this case is amazing so many twist and turns, you will understand why I say it reminded me of the movie “Clue”. One thing I will say is that I really enjoyed the layers of each character, I do wish they got more into some of the backstories of some of them, but when Hercule dug in deeper to each person, and the clues they left behind it was so interesting to see the different mask being shed from the character. One scene that really peaked my interest was the last supper scene, it’s so funny how so many people have so many variations of that picture, and just to see it in this movie was pretty funny.

So the big question is who do you think committed the crime? The Doctor? The Russian princess? German Professor? Governess? the maid? the butler? or the American socialite. As this movie digs into each character you find yourself blaming one person or the next confusing yourself and even Hercule himself is confused as to how this crime was committed on this train. Hercule even has to deal with the true essence of right and wrong and good and evil, and what makes a person truly evil or if a person is merely seeking out some sort of justice in the long run. I  truly enjoyed this film just like I knew I would of course some things could have been stretched out more or explained more, but this movie will give you that thrill, on your edge of the sit like come on just tell us who did it already kind of feel. get your popcorn ready it’s going to be an interesting train ride.

Riceball Rating: 7/10

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