Box Office Wars

27751781_1518335821617461_7981197048031549814_nJust recently, I had a very interesting conversation with a fellow blogger a few days ago about the notion of…why does it feel like all the movies dealing with people of color or women are in a bidden war?! Since the release of Black Panther in February, T’Challa and all of Wakanda have been ruling the box office — making over 1 billion dollars internationally and in under a month. It’s one of the fastest rated movies to hit a billion. Now, since its release so many more movies were set in place to be in theaters a few weeks later, for instance, A Wrinkle In Time, Annihilation (which I believe came out before Black panther), Tomb Raider, Pacific Rim Uprising (which is in theaters today) and also Ready Player one which comes out next weekend. The question is, why are so many people putting these movies up against each other when they’re all in different genres and categories?


I’m not saying that this is a “black vs. white thing” so you can un-tighten your face and exhale. No, I’m saying…why are these movies seen as box office competitors rather than just movies. Each movie brings something different to the table. It all depends on who the audience is and what people are looking to go see. Many people only choose movies based off of word of mouth, ratings, advertisements, and if they’re genuinely interested in going to see it. There’s a small percentage of people who go to a movie that they may not like.

Let’s talk about these films and why I feel they may be worth checking out. FYI, I haven’t seen all of the movies I mentioned, but I just want to share my thoughts.


Black Panther: I’ve already seen this movie 3 times and I enjoy it every time. This is the first movie I think I have seen multiple times in the theater. Now, for all those who do not know about Black Panther, T’Challa is the prince and soon to be King of Wakanda. After his father’s death, he makes the transition from prince to a real leader — until he is met with some very interesting foes. This movie has already made over a billion dollars and rising. It’s currently in its 5th week of ruling the box office. But why are so many people attached this movie? Well, many people are Marvel fans and many people have been waiting for this comic book adaption for a long time — among many other reasons (first all black superhero leading cast in the MCU and first black MCU director).

Now like I said before, I haven’t seen all these movies, but I want to say my piece on them. I heard about Annihilation and I saw the previews. It looked pretty interesting from the trailer, but it’s one of those moments where if I have time I’ll go see it. I heard a lot of good reviews and also heard that it’s a very interesting sci-fi movie with an amazing female cast.

For Tomb Raider, I was a little skeptical because, like most people, I loved the Laura Croft: Tomb Raider movies with Angelina Jolie. I grew up on them. But the more I saw the previews for this new version, the more excited I got at how action packed it looked. I’m also fan of the actress. I realized she was in the movie, “Man from U.N.C.L.E.”, and she did a really great job. I also follow a few people on twitter who said this might be one of the best video game movie adaptions in a while. A lot of fan boys have criticized the actress’ body for not having big breasts like the old video game — which is weirdly turning them off from a movie that actually looks promising.

A Wrinkle in Time now this movie is an adaptation of a book that a lot of people were waiting to see and were on board as soon as they heard Ava Duvernay was going to be directing. I will be honest. I had no desire to really check this movie out, but Ava had and still has my full support since I’m a fan of her movies. This looks really interesting for the kids growing up. And not just for the young girls, but also for the young boys. With this movie, I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some loved it, some didn’t, but it’s also second in the box office next to Black Panther — which means people are going to see this film.

Ready Player one and Pacific Rim Uprising have not hit theaters yet. Well, Pacific Rim Uprising just hit theaters today, but I’ve only heard a few things. Many have said they don’t think Ready Player one is going to be a hit off of the strength that the posters don’t look all that great and that the trailers haven’t done anything for them. While early critics who have already seen the film suggest that this film is a thriller and will be great. I for one and am very excited to see Ready Player one. From that first trailer I knew I wanted to see this film. I’m also amped for Pacific Rim Uprising  because I love the first Pacific Rim, and I’m also a big fan of John Boyega. He’s a great actor. The only thing I’m skeptical of is how well is this movie is going to come off. The first film was great and was different, so it’s like how are they going to change this and what improvements will be made.

Why aren’t these movies appealing to the audience: Well I guess reading this would make you feel like I shouldn’t be talking since I haven’t seen most of these movies. But the thing is…why is there an uproar? I mean someone wrote a whole article on why Jennifer’s Lawrence’s movies can’t really sell in the box office on opening weekends. Her movie Red Sparrow was also recently released but everyone basically called this movie a Black Widow movie before the official Black Widow movie. Me and the fellow blogger went back and forth, and I explained that a lot more people are starting to get into the Oscars and are tired of seeing the same old movies win. So when it comes to movies like: Get Out, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, people are going to go support these movies, because they know if I support this movie somehow Hollywood will make more movies like this, and the academy will give it an Oscar or Golden Globe.

But why are these movies in a competition against each other? Having people wonder will one movie beat out the next instead of just letting moviegoers be free to pick and choose? The audience wants to find a movie that’s different, and all of these movies in theaters now are very unique in their own way. Also, it’s okay for someone to be disinterested. Maybe someone just honestly doesn’t care for the film. The previews didn’t look interesting, the posters, or actors were a turn off, etc. Word-of-mouth is a big factor, more than people may think, in why a lot of fans actually go see a movie. Everyone has a person whose opinion they take seriously when it comes to films. Others they kind of go with the crowd. We take other people’s opinions of movies highly, especially if it’s a film we probably didn’t care about in the first place or were skeptical about.

I believe all these films are being put up against each other, not just because of the people of color or women leads, but because Black Panther was so left field in terms of what we are use to seeing in theaters. All these other movies have to have that same kind of unusual presence to them. A lot of people are comparing each new movie coming out to Black Panther, when people have to realize you’re watching a different kind of movie. Black Panther was a comic book movie and the pacing is different, so is the plot.

Everyone is paying so much attention to the box office and getting excited because we want to see what other movies are making. If it’s not putting up big numbers, then people are feeling, why did it even come out? We should just let the movie be a movie and let people go see it!

Lastly, I will make it my mission to watch all of these movies before the year is over, I’m one of those people that if I don’t see the movie now, I will see it by the end of the year. Everyone is patiently anticipating whether Avengers: Infinity War can top and demolish the box office. But ask yourself, what makes a movie appealing to you?

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