ALL IN: Were You Booked?

This past weekend one of the most historical wrestling events took place put on by Cody aka Cody Rhodes, and Matt and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks Just a few months ago on Being the Elite the YouTube channel of The Young Bucks and other fellow wrestling teammate Kenny Omega, it was first announced that there was going to be an event called “ALL In” no one knew who would be in this event, where it would take place, how people could get tickets, but everyone was excited including myself. Now for those who do not know much about  independent wrestling ,you have probably seen “Bullet Club” shirts at every wrestling event, when you walk down the street or even casually at grocery stores or Comic-Cons, this was something new especially for the average wrestling fan. The talk of the wrestling  industry and internet, was who was going to be booked? Many wrestlers have strict contracts with other wrestling companies, but Matt, Nick, and Cody have faced some of the top wrestlers in the world from Mexico all the way to Japan.

On Being the Elite it was announced “All In” would take place September 1st at the Sears Centre in Chicago and they wanted to sell 10 thousand seats. Now many critics believed the Young Bucks and Cody could not feel 10 people in those seats. My reaction was like are you serious do you see how many Bullet Club shirts I see on RAW and Smackdown every time I tune in or even when I go to some place like New York Comic Con, I said to myself these dudes can easily sell that. And what do you know tickets went on sell and were sold out in less then 20 to 30 minutes. The Stage was set, between the last few months Cody, and the young bucks gave us hints and announced who would be facing who leading all the way up to this Mega event. People like Kenny Omega, Pentagon Jr, Jay Lethal, Marty Scurll, Okada, Christopher Daniels, Stephen Amell, and many others.

Zero Hour:Dj8grlrU0AAB-DP

Zero Hour kicked off All In as the preshow with entertaining matches, SCU vs The Briscoe’s and the Over Budget Battle Royale. The Over Budget Battle Royale figured so many faces, from the likes of Moose, Rocky Romero, Colt Cabana, Jordyanne, Bully Ray, Brian Cage, Jimmy Jacobs. The winner of this match would go on to face Jay Lethal later on for the Ring Of Honor Championship belt, I for one was hoping for Brian Cage, Moose, or Jordyanne who the only woman in the battle royale was holding her own especially against the likes of “The Machine” known as Cage. by everyone’s surprise a wrestler El Chico who was ambushed by Bully Ray right when the match started re entered the ring and turned out to be Flip Gordon. If you have been following “Being the Elite” Bullet Club jokingly would not “Book” Flip and he started  this campaign if he won matches or beat someone he could get booked. Flip surprised everyone with the victory.


We First start the Main Card off with Matt Cross vs MJF, I did not know much about MJF except for him being announced to fight, but I am a big Matt Cross especially because of him being Son of Havoc on Lucha Underground, for many of those who might not know. This was a very interesting and back and forth match, I was thoroughly impressed with MJF finding myself saying “I like his moves and his style”. But Matt Cross would come out the victor.


Stephen Amell vs Christopher Daniels: Now the one thing I love about wrestling is that wrestling and celebrities go hand in hand almost, because Celebs are big fans of wrestlers and vice versa. Stephen as most know is the Star of the hit show “Arrow” and Daniels is a Veteran in Pro wrestling and also one of my favorites of all time. This beef started between the two over social media and various other reasons how Daniels is more of a Marvel fan and Amell plays Green Arrow who is DC Comics. This steamy altercation was finally handled in the ring, with Daniels taking it too Amell, but Amell would not give up with going from one turn buckle to the next with an amazing drop kick to Daniels. It almost looked like Amell had the best of Daniels until a table was brought into the picture and Daniels elbow drops Stephen, leaving Christopher with giving Amell a dose of the best moonsault ever for the victory.


Women’s Four Corners Match: This match featured Tessa Blanchard, Madison Rayne, Chelsea Green, and Dr. Britt Baker. This was a wild card match in my eyes, a match to make a lot of people who have been on the eve of the Evolution of Women’s wrestling and seeing so many women starting to headline big wrestling events. These women had an amazing match, the only woman I can say I fully knew or saw how she wrestled before was Tessa, so I was definitely rooting for her, but I was super impressed with Chelsea Green her fighting style is so unusual and Unorthodox throwing her opponents off at any given moment and Dr. Britt Baker being a newcomer to wrestling she was proving herself to be a future great. This was an evenly fought match but you could tell that Chelsea was maybe coming out on top as she was building up momentum for the victory, while Tessa Blanchard came out of nowhere to get the thunderous victory.


Cody vs Nick Aldis for the NWA Heavyweight Championship: Now coming into ALL IN I did not know much Aldis except for Being the elite and he was trying to help Marty to gain weight to defeat Okada. But this was emotional match right out the gate from Cody’s entrance having a whole entourage of legends behind him from the likes of Tommy Dreamer and DDP( Diamond Dallas Page) and also even bringing out his dog Pharaoh. Nick brought out long time wrestling legend Jeff Jarrett.  Many did not know how this match would go especially after Nick hit Cody with a devastating elbow on the outside, leaving Cody dazed and bloody. Brandi Rhodes, Cody’s wife was pleading for Nick to stop and even tried to save Cody but Nick did not see Brandi and elbow dropped on top of her. Nick felt remorse but the legendary Earl Hebner was trying his best to keep the match going and Cody wanted to win especially the legacy behind the title with his father Dusty Rhodes winning it years ago.

Joey Janela vs Adam “Hangman” Page: This was a Chicago Street Fight and anything goes in a Street fight. this match was crazy, Hangman has been known as “Joey Killer” after admitting he killed Joey Ryan on Being the Elite. Joey Janela is a new comer who I’ve only seen wrestle a handful of times, but everyone I saw him wrestle I left saying that guy is very strange but amazing. Joey was accompanied by Penelope Ford who was not shy about helping Janela especially when his back seemed to be up against the ropes. Hangman and Joey brought out everything except for the kitchen, breaking ladders, and various tables and even jumping on and over the a real life Cracker Barrel, barrel. Hangman would come out victorious with one final blow Joey Ryan rising from the dead with a gang of men dressed up as Penis’.

Flip Gordon vs Jay Lethal for the Ring of Honor Championship: So Lately on Being the Elite Jay Lethal has been going back and forth with his Old Gimmick from a few years ago Black Machismo which impersonated the great Macho Man Randy Savage. Jay Paid Homage to Macho Man with bringing Randy’s brother out and also dressing in the classic gear as Randy  Savage did. This was a classic Ring of Honor battle a back and forth of Flip’s high flying style and Jay’s combinations. Jay coming out with the victory only to show respect to Flip after an amazing match.

Pentagon Jr. vs Kenny Omega: This was such a dream match two of the best wrestlers in the world and two of my favorites in wrestling. I couldn’t pick a side, but I was honestly going for Pentagon in this match just because of how much I’ve been following his wrestling career this last two years. Kenny and Pentagon were so evenly matched you really did not know who would win with Pentagon doing his classic chant “Cero Miedo” through out the match and Kenny with the rising of the terminator who could imagine the outcome. Kenny hit Penta with a slew of V Trigger’s only for Pentagon to counter with a dangerous package piledriver on the apron that almost seemed that Penta would win.  Kenny came back with the victory with One Winged Angel but that would not be the end.


After Kenny’s win, the arena went dark, and a Pentagon Jr. Impersonator appeared, for it only to be Chris Jericho. For many of those who don’t know Chris and Kenny battled in New Japan earlier for the classic “Alpha vs Omega”, I guess you can say Jericho the newly crowned IWGP Intercontinental Champion is not finished with Kenny.

Marty Scurll vs Kazuchika Okada: This is also a dream match, Marty and Okada are also set to face each other at Ring Of Honor next year in April at Madison Square Garden, so we got a taste of what’s to come. Marty and Okada both are in New Japan wrestling, but are in different weight classes, Marty is in the super junior division while Okada is a Heavyweight and was also the longest reigning IWGP heavyweight champion. This match a clash of both personality Marty “The Villain” and Okada “The Rainmaker” both throwing punch after punch with Marty actually taking it too Okada at certain points of the match but Okada’s endurance was too much for Marty.

Rey Fenix, Rey Mysterio Jr, & Bandido vs The Golden Elite ( Young Bucks and Kota Ibushi): Another dream match with 3 of the top Luchadors in wrestling the famous Rey Mysterio, and Fenix and Bandido. Rey Mysterio coming out in a full out Wolverine Cosplay outfit shocking the crowd. This was a short, but also fast paced match that showed off the skills of each wrestler. High flying, Lucha Libre, mixed with kicks and all kinds of twist and turns leaving the crowd wanting more. This was the perfect send off for the crowd and everyone at home streaming.


Last Thoughts: I enjoyed “ALL In” so much, everyone keeps saying this is the Alternative from WWE and Raw and Smackdown, I honestly didn’t see it that way. Maybe because I watch almost all of these wrestlers throughout these last few years and also have watched all of these other companies. I felt like I was watching a wrestling event that should’ve happened a long time ago, but it was excellent how it came about when it did. And I loved that a lot of the storylines were easy to follow because you can see the videos before the matches and how the fans were so intuned with what was going on. ALL In was something different for wrestling fans everywhere and I believe and hope that this happens again. This was a chance to see wrestlers that you don’t normally see altogether, like you might see them in the same companies or one with move somewhere but not all of your favorites in one place. The finally tally of people who attended the show was 11,263, that is amazing. Hopefully an event like this happens again,

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