Cyberpunk 2077

‘Night City, a mega city in the free state of California is controlled by the ruthless corporations that are unburdened by the laws of the county and state. The streets are riddled with violent gang warfare while those of the ruling class seek nothing but more power!’

I remember way back in the day, when Bethesda started talking about a little video game that they were working on called, Fallout 3. While we now know the success that it became and how well received it was; when I read about Fallout 3 in Game Informer magazine, it was described as Diablo 2 meets the movie world of Mad Max. And like the dumb ass that I was, (don’t worry, I still am, ask my Fiancé) I misunderstood the tag line and focused more on the cars and driving aspect of the movies ─ less on the post-apocalyptic settings and locale. In this upcoming title from CD Projekt Red Studios, Cyberpunk 2077 will be über customizable in many ways.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a RPG video game based off Cyberpunk 2020, an old school “tabletop” game (like Dungeons and Dragons and Vampire: The Masquerade). It’s set fifty-seven years into the future of Cyberpunk 2020 and is in the post-apocalyptic setting of Night City, California. The city relies on robotics for everything, like trash collections, maintenance and transportation. It’s a mega city full of poverty and homelessness,but this doesn’t prevent the poor from modifying themselves with high priced cybernetic improvements, that have hurled society into new depraved levels of addictions and violence.

It is an open world game with a first person perspective encompassing six different zones. Players will assume the role of a super customizable mercenary named “V”. When I say fully customizable, I mean it! You can fully customize your character in many ways; like gender, hair styles, face, body type, body modifications (as in cybernetic implants and upgrades which seem to be a pretty big deal, considering the “tabletop” game focused heavily on skills), clothing, character backgrounds, the whole works!!

The clothes your V is wearing will alter the interactions that you have with NPC’s, NPC’s that are readily at your disposable for romantic and sexual relationships featuring nudity as well ─ so I’m banking on a ‘M’ game rating. I never understood why in every RPG that I’ve ever played, they had your characters in their skivvies. Modesty. Pure, unadulterated modesty, I guess.Don’t get me wrong, grab the Jergens and cue the Barry White, because I’m all in for nude sexual encounters. All I’m saying is that it is a brave new world we live in. We didn’t have nudity in video games when I was a kid. I come from a world of 16-bits. I think even if there had been super sweet bewbs in the games I played as a kid, we probably wouldn’t have been able to tell.

As I mentioned earlier, the game takes place in fictional Night City, California, where players can explore up to six different zones either on foot or in a vehicles (and I did hear of a motorcycle that strikes a likeness that of Akira’s). Autonomous cars will do the driving while you do the shooting. But fear not my fellow dorks, you’ll still be able to run over pedestrians like the little sociopaths you all really are, or that we are… we can smell our own! But if you go a little cray-cray and go a wee bit overboard you’ll be hunted down by the ‘Psycho Squad.’ No big deal… just another day in Night City, I suppose. A mega city so polluted with violent crimes that everyone is allowed to not only own firearms but are encouraged to openly carry weapons in public, just like Texas.

The game also boasts a very dynamic weather system with a full night and day cycle that affects the behavior of how the NPC’s behave. Also, apartments are available for purchase in the different zones to be used as a home bases in which you can store your crap, access your computer and change your outfit. Not to mention, a place to take the NPC’s to make sweet, sweet, passionate love. Giggity! If little hands get a hold of this game, I foresee a lot less “Birds and the Bee’s” type conversations.Decisions, decisions, am I right? 

No one seems to know exactly when the release date will be but CD Projekt Red claims that while they are releasing two massive RPG’s between 2019 and 2021, but ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ will be released first. It sounds like it may possibly be a long wait until we can get our greedy little hands on it, but I think the wait will be worth it because it has the makings of a very good game!

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