RICEBALL RUMOR MILL: What we know about The Suicide Squad Reboot

A long time ago, James Gunn said something inappropriate to be funny, edgy and dark… and to get a fucking job directing movies like his dream was to do. But seeing that the internet is akin to a cruel lover that never forgets anything…(I usually add something funny or snarky about my personal life at this point, but my Lady reads these so I plead the 5th and agree that it was always my fault), it came back to bite him in the ass! He was fired so that the company could save face to all you damn snowflakes out there and still turn a profit. 

Alone and left to the wolves, James Gunn, did what anyone in the industry would do – whore themselves out! He was just fired by the MCU, so guess who decided that they wanted themselves some sloppy seconds and threw an offer down to Gunn (who I can only assume at this point only wished to continue working), the D-freaking-C extended universe! I bet that as soon as the MCU heard the DCEU was going steady with Gunn,only then did they want him back for Guardians of the Galaxy 3. But like any slut from Saint Louis, (I’m from Saint Louis, so I can say that. Non-residents can’t. That would be wrong!), he decides that there’s enough James to go around and will work on both movies, focusing on The Suicide Squad reboot first! That’s right, the DCEU is getting their first reboot, (ala Hulk staring Eric Bana, anyone?) And who’s to say? Maybe it’ll be better than the original Suicide Squad. I watched it, I enjoyed it, but it was a little deflated, I suppose. 

Margot Robbie is in talks to return seeing that she’s currently filming the Birds of Prey movie as the clown queen of crime, but James Gunn, might be looking to replace everybody since he plans on the new film to be a total reboot. America’s sweetheart, Will Smiff is unavailable due to scheduling conflicts and Warner Bros. has announcedthat the Brit, Idris Elba, will be donning Deadshot’s hood in the reboot. Do you have Netflix? A jail broke Amazon fire stick? Anything like that? If so you should watch a BBC series called ‘Luther’ starring Idris Elba. Bruh. Seriously great!

I assume that the rest of the characters may or may not return, depending on the direction Gunn decides to go. But main characters like Harley, Deadshot, Amanda Waller, Rick Flagg and possibly Katana and even Captain Boomerang could be cannon enough to see the light of day in the reboot.

‘The Suicide Squad’ is still slated to hit the silver screen on August 6, 2021.

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