Type Cast Actors Sadly Known For Just One Character

Sit on it!

Henry Winkler. You know who I’m talking about. Everyone should (even you youngins’) know the name Arthur Morgan- I mean Arthur Fonzerelli!!  His name is synonymous with the show he was on in the 70’s. I know who Henry Winkler is because I know who Arthur Fonzerelli is.Every good sitcom has a ‘Fonzy’ type of breakout character in it that says and does most of the funny things you watch in said series. But there’s a “catch-22” to that success, i.e. never realllybreaking away from the character you portrayed so successfully. The man could’ve been in every successful piece of work in his life time, but he will forever be ‘Fonzy’. So this time, my super fan, (HI JIM!) I’ve put together a list of famous actors and actresses that will forever be synonymous with the characters they played previously, because well, let’s face it. They basically always play versions of the characters they’re known for. So take my hand. Let’s hold our noses and dive right in.

Rainn Wilson

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica… and Star Trek: Discovery

Known as Dwight Schrute from the hit NBC series ‘The Office’. I can’t say that he hasn’t doneother projects, because he has, many in fact. The indie film ‘Super’ is one of them. Not only did he star in it, but he also was one of the executive producers. He’s has a re-occurring role in Star Trek: Discovery” as the dastardly ‘Harry Mudd, (which I thought was a brilliant casting choice and thought he was perfect for the role) ‘Star Trek; ToS’ came off as a scheming, effeminate, know it all… and now the character seems more like a scheming, smart assed, know it all, which I find much more appealing as a viewer. He was in a Netflix original movie, ‘Shimmer Lake’, a murder mystery that was pretty good. He’s the new voice of ‘Lex Luthor’, (which reminds me,did you watch those episodes of the BBC series “Luther” yet?! If not, you’re really missing out.) But regardless of how much work Wilson may receive, he’ll forever be Dwight – and no one else. 

Gary Burghoff

Burghoff then and now-ish

Better known as Corporal Walter Eugene “Radar” O’Reilly, from the major motion picture “M*A*S*H”or the television series M*A*S*H*’; possibly the follow up series afterMASH’? What about the “made for TV movie”, (it was really a failed pilot that didn’t get picked up by any networks.), W*A*L*T*E*R*, where his character tried being a bumbling cop in Saint Louis, Missouri… I suppose no one really cared to see what happened to ‘Radar’ after the show! Now don’t get me wrong, he’s been in television since, but just not anything in this millennium. 

Jon Hamm


I honestly only think about Jon Hamm for four reasons;1.) His critically acclaimed portrayal of ad executive ‘Don Draper’ on the AMC series “Mad Men”.2.) His role in the uber badass Edgar Wright flick “Baby Driver”.3.) His guest spots on “30Rock”, as the crazy handsome paramour to Tina Fey’s character that got everything because of his good looks alone.4.) He is a fellow Saint Louisian, and the most famous fan of the Saint Louis Blues! LETSGO BLUES! He always seems to be wearing multiple Blues scarves, so many I usually think one of two things depending on my mood at the time;A.) THAT IS A GIRL’S SCARF, JOHN HAMM!!!!!! AND YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!B.) I bet if we quickly took of all twenty-seven of those scarves I bet his head will float away! I bleed Blue, he bleeds Blue, we should hang out but I am placing down a firm two scarf maximum on the event.

Jim Parsons

While an insanely talented and multiple award winning stage actor, he is only known as ‘Dr. Sheldon Cooper’ on “The Big Bang Theory” , and the narrator from the spin-off series “Young Sheldon”. So that’s it! You’re done, Bro! GAME OVER MAN!!! GAME OVER!!! You need to go sit down next to Gary Burghoff. He looks like he’s been waiting on company!

Sir Patrick Stewart

Stewart is method actor after all….

While known as an extremely talented classically trained Shakespearean actor and MULTIPLE award winning star of Stage and screen, England’s sweetheart is Captain Jean-Luc Picard! Oh, I mean Professor Charles Xavier! No- after seeing the trailer for the new series coming to CBS direct called “Picard” it will ALWAYS be Captain Picard now! When I was young, “Wizard” Magazine had an article about who they’d pick for the cast of an X-men movie (I’m talking ’94-’95) and surprise, surprise, Stewart was their choice for Wolverine. Just kidding you know damn well who they thought he should play…

Cast of “Friends”

So, to start I’m gouging to say all of this is accurate (in my opinionated opinion) except for Jenifer Aniston! Everyone else just seems to get casted as a variant of their old characters regardless of what they’re acting in. I guess I can’t really say I blame them, doing what they’re good at I suppose. Now you little turds need to keep on scrolling and leave good ol’ Uncle B.Dam alone with his Jenifer Aniston thoughts… it’s no place for children.

Michael Richards

Everyone knows this guy for three things 1) Being Kramer from Seinfeld 2) Being in that Weird Al movie U.H.F., and 3) Sadly, hurling racial slurs at a comedy club when an audience member started heckling him during his stand-up routine. That’s all the breath I’m going to waste on this guy.

Mark fucking Hamill

Everyone knows who this guy is ─ Luke Skywalker! His face is synonymous with the Star Wars universe! Or that his voice, (or one of them rather), is synonymous with Batman, because he’s been the voice of the animated Joker in more crap than I can remember! While you newbs may remember him from those two roles, I will immediately remember him from “Jay and Silent Bob: Strike Back!” As ‘The Cocknocker’, Arch nemesis of The Hemp Knight! Best. Cameo. Ever. CHANGE MY MIND!!!!!

Alfonso Ribeiro

He will forever ‘Carlton’ from “Fresh Prince”. He’s also one the host of multiple game shows. But yeah it’s all ‘Carlton’ to me…. In fact HE needs to go join Gary and Jim on the bench! This is ridiculous!

Christopher Reeve

The late, great, Man of Steel is mostly remembered for playing ‘Superman’ in those old Superman films, Superman (1978), Superman II (1980), Superman III (1983), and finally Superman IV: The Quest for More Money. These films coupled with his tragic horse riding accident causing him to be a wheelchair bound quadriplegic for his remaining years. There was also a foundation started in his name dedicated to finding treatment and cures for paralysiscaused by spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders. 

If these actors/actresses happen to only be remembered for the characters that they played, at least they all have one thing in common … they’ve all done a lot more with their lives than we have. Damnit. 

Feel like I’ve forgotten someone? Remind me who in the comments below!

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