About Us

cropped-cropped-cropped-riceball-official-logo_0907171.pngCelebrating Nerds and Geeks Everywhere.

Thanks for visiting RiceBall.  We are a community of proud nerds indulging and celebrating in all things fandom. From superheroes to zombies, art to anime, culture to pop culture, and news to entertainment, we follow it all. In today’s ever changing pop culture we (the fans) are the constant. Our goal is to bring unique perspectives, critical views, and create intellectual discussions that inform, entertain, and allow us to connect with other fans around the world. There is always something new to discuss, so let’s talk about it! From a fan to a fan, grab a rice ball. It’s time to feed our inner nerd.

Check us out for news, opinions, discussions, updates, reviews, and also tricks and tips to feed the nerd inside you. Feel free to join in the conversation,  by commenting or messaging us directly. Also, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter at @feedmericeballs.

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Bryce “Amni-flux” Jones, Neenee, Stewyp

How We Started: 

RiceBall was started by three friends who love to indulge in their fandoms. Together we would found ourselves having long drawn out conversations (or arguments) about TV shows, different anime and manga, or books that we’ve read. Usually these discussions/debates would go on for hours.  Many times they would go on until the next day. Not only did we have these discussions between each other, but we found that many of our friends also spent a lot of time talking to us about their fandoms too.

So we decided to create a healthy medium where fans, like us,  can discuss and/or debate topics of interest relating to what we enjoy most. Together we are the voice of the fan,

Why RiceBall? 

We are huge anime fans. And after watching for YEARS, we noticed that each anime show drastically differs from the next. But regardless of these differences, the rice ball always remains constant. Within every show, regardless of the genre, you always see a character eating a rice ball. They may seem small and insignificant, but its purpose is culturally relevant. Just like rice balls, we come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors.  As fans, this is who we are.

Our different opinions and perspectives about today’s pop culture is shared by a variety of people. We all may look different and have dissimilar views, but at the end of the day, our devoted interest to fandom binds us and ensures that these art forms thrive. We are the constant! We are the rice ball.

So as we watch, read, or play, let’s discuss. From a fan to a fan, grab a rice ball. It’s time to feed your inner nerd.