Hey!! Whats up everyone!

Welcome to Rice Ball, the one place for all your nerdom needs. I am just a simple nerd with a big personality. My real names Bryce, but I go by the alias, Jonez the Nerd aka Amni-Flux (pronounced am-nee-flux). I am excited to write, connect, and share my humble opinions with new readers and share in a conversation about all things geek/nerd.

I loooooove for all things animation. That same love helps me view the world through an artistic animated lens and see the beauty, color, and humor in everyday life. Life’s beautiful animation. (cheesy i know but I love that phrase)

I am super silly and a giant nerd, so I typically post about anything on my heart and mind. I mostly anime, or different TV series, movie reviews,  video games, and sometimes social issues if I’m passionate enough. I like to write without limitation.  Embrace your inner nerd people!!! We all geek out over something, and love talking about it so all I am trying to do is start the conversation.  So follow me, as I try my best to give you a glimpse through my animated lens.

Welcome to RiceBall.

-Kidd Jonez


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Tumblr: Amni-Flux

Twitter: @Amni_Flux


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