Hi guys!

Welcome to Riceball, your one-stop-shop for genuine opinions about the happenings in the nerd-verse. My name is Jeneen, but everyone calls me NeeNee (pronounced knee-knee— not to be confused with nae-nae). I am excited to share, not only my silliness, but also my extreme love for various nerd culture topics. I can’t get enough!

You’ll find that I typically post movie reviews, opinionated accounts of TV episodes, and will sometimes write about anime, popular literature, and whatever else. I consider myself an amateur at best, but with an uncanny ability to take “couch potato” to the next level. If you can name it, I’ve probably watched it – twice. I love indulging in this culture and building new fan-ships because of it!

Feel free to like and/or comment on what you read. Our goal is to “feed your inner nerd” by creating opportunities for fans, just like you, to connect with fans just like us. So, embrace your nerdiness and join the conversation. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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