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28 year old lover of Everything entertainment from Anime, to sports to music currently flipping between yu yu hakusho and gravity falls. I watch everything or try to watch it and don't mind giving an honest opinion. My favorite animes of all time are Cowboy Bebop and Gundam Wing I can't choose who's number 1, and I am an avid Battlestar Galactica fan (random fact) hope you guys enjoy what I have to say. Also you can follow me on Twitter when I live tweet tv shows follow me @bwoceo

VENOM: Why PG-13 worked

So I just recently went to see the new movie “Venom” starring Tom hardy as Eddie Brock aka Venom. Now before this movie came out so many people were wondering is it going to be R-Rated

Box Office Wars

Yes, Black Panther is a box office hit. But what about the other new movies? StewyP discusses why you should give these new releases a fighting chance.