The Legendary Defenders: A Paladin, A Narco, and an Immortal Iron Fist?

New Post! The Legendary Defenders: A Paladin, A Narco, and An Immortal Iron Fist?


Black Superheroes: Can you Relate or Naw?

It has been nearly a month since the new Black Panther movie teaser trailer was released, and it has nearly 9 million views and that was just in the first 2 weeks. But also the day before the first Black Panther movie poster was released. Some people liked it other people felt Marvel went too cheap... Continue Reading →

American Gods: The Fight for Shadow’s Affrimation

It has almost nearly been a week since the season finale of the newly fan crazed show everyone is talking about American Gods. Now people like myself who had no idea what this show was going to be about I looked at the trailer and I said to myself maybe this  is gonna be a... Continue Reading →

Attack On Titan: Things we need to Know for Season 3

The long awaited second season of Attack On Titan has finally entered into the stratosphere, but as soon as it landed, it felt like it left us so quickly. This past Saturday was the season finale of Attack on Titan, now fans of this anime have been waiting nearly almost 2 years for the release of this... Continue Reading →

DC’s Come Up: Who’s Going to Save The Universe

These last few weeks have been big for the DC Universe, you had Arrow, The Flash, and Super girl all have there season finales, and Gotham having its season finale this week. But we can not forget this past week The Wonder Woman finally hit theaters, and has been a big hit far and wide all over.... Continue Reading →

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