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The Thing About Phasma

The lights glint against her armor

And now no man or beast can harm her

She carries herself within her armor with purpose

And now no one will ever see beneath the surface

She aims with deadly precision

And now you’re out of commission

Warrior of the Scyre

With circumstances so dire

The only one willing to take a stand

I am yours to command

-D. Quinn


This article reveals details about The Last Jedi and the book, Phasma . You have been warned.

I’m a huge fan of Phasma. I was a fan of her when I found out that she was being portrayed by the illustrious Brienne of Tarth, a.k.a. Gwendoline Christie. I was even more excited when I found out that Christie literally begged for that role. I had such high hopes for this character. And the epitome of my love for her was reached when I read the book “Phasma” by Delilah S. Dawson. The narrative is an in-depth telling of the history behind Captain Phasma—one of the most faceless faces in the Star Wars Universe. Yes, Phasma is her real name. It’s not a code name or a name given to her by the First Order. It is indeed the name she was given at the time of her birth.

If you’re like me, you had a million and two questions about this character—where is she from? How old is she? What does she do for fun? Most of these questions are answered in the book.


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DC Rebirth: The New Wave of Readers

As of late, comic books in general have sky-rocketed and are back in business. Now for many who have always read comic books or graphic novels this isn’t anything new, but for the new readers and old readers, like myself, who’ve read comic books growing up (but kind of stopped) this is huge. I just want to talk about my experience while reading the new D.C. Rebirth Comics. I have always loved comic books growing up, but I kind of strayed away, not because they were for kids or anything, but it’s almost like now a days it’s hard to find a straight up comic book store, where you can spend hours and hours reading, unless you live in an area that is known for having that outlet.  But I have always kept my ear to the comic book world, from watching movies, and going to places like midtown comics, Barnes and noble, and Newbury comics while just browsing and checking out the new comics that are out, or what everyone is reading.


But for some reason , everyone is reading graphic novels again, from old to even people who have never picked up a comic book in their life. Even though this is a D.C. piece we cannot over look the success of comic books like Moon Girl, and the popularity she is getting and  how she has also been crowned the smartest person in the Marvel Universe. And we can’t forget the most anticipated comic book in years, The Black Panther series, which is one of the top purchased series sold-out all over in the first few weeks of release. We have to ask why are so many people reading comics now? Is it because of all the Superhero movies that have hit the big screen? Is it because Fanboys are ridiculing movie goers that they know nothing like Jon Snow, and should read the series before they talk? Or  has everyone kind of finally come out of their hiding place to show the world they’ve loved Superheroes from the very beginning.

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Digesting the Plight of an Emotionally Tortured Woman…A Review of “The Girl on the Train”


So, we all have secrets. You’re lying if you say you don’t. Most of the time we bury them deep inside ourselves, never telling a single soul…hoping, eventually…that they’ll die off. But secrets don’t die. They lie in wait. The truth always finds a way out.

For many, carrying the burden of our truths can be as simple as brushing our teeth everyday, but for others…it’s a goddamn nightmare. That’s the epitome of this story. Sometimes holding in your secrets is not only torturous, but sometimes can be deadly.

Paula Hawkins invites us to witness the tales of three women entangled in an unpredictable, twisted web of love, pain, and recovery. Most of the time, the situations that occur are tough to stomach. I think half of the time, I found myself cringing at the poor decision-making these three made, Rachel especially. She was the worst. But as the story progresses you begin to see more of who these women truly are, and how their personal truths have a significant impact to who they have become. It’s a wild ride that keeps you guessing from beginning to end. If I say so myself, I’m pretty awesome at solving mysteries, but this one had me dumbfounded.

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RiceBall Review: The Martian.. Would You Survive?


What’s up everybody, it’s been a while but I am back, and I am here to bring you guys the newest movie by Matt Damon “The Martian”. Now This past weekend I did not plan on going to the movies it was merely a spur of the moment thing, and I said to myself when I get to the movie theater I’ll see whatever is playing as soon as I get there. So I chose The Martian in 3D, I don’t normally go for 3D movies that much, but some of the scenes were pretty cool especially with the scenery. Now I would just like to take a few minutes to speak on this new film, I won’t call it a review, but merely just my opinion on this film.


Now This movie started off with a bang, with Ares III a manned mission to Mars where Astronauts would spend 2 months on the planet, when a vicious storm hits the area where the team is working, the storm wasn’t supposed to hit for a few more hours, and went unscheduled. The team hurries to jump back on the ship and launch themselves back home, until Mark Watney(Matt Damon) gets hit by Debris from the landing gear. The captain and the rest of the team want to bring Watney back, but Dr. Chris Beck (Sebastian Stan) suggest to leave Watney because it would be impossible to find him in the storm and he is probably already dead. We later come to find out while the team has already left Mars’ atmosphere that Watney is not dead but merely struck by a sharp object where he went into the compressed holding facility for the team as he prepares to surgically remove the sharp object from his stomach.

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