D. Quinn

I stand for love! I stand for justice! I am D. Quinn! When I was younger, I was deemed an invalid because I was shy and into topics most people consider weird. Being a nerd is becoming increasing popular but I still get funny looks for being shy…which is fine. Talk with me about nerdy things and I will NEVER shut up (and I hope you won’t either)!

I’m a huge literature nerd—The Hobbit is my favorite book of all time—but I’m also into comics, anime/manga, video games…you get the idea. I started out reading Betty and Veronica (don’t judge me) but now I read everything from Avatar to Wonder Woman to the Wicked and the Divine. When it comes to books I read everything. I will not be satisfied with this life until I’ve tried to read basically everything that has come across my path. Anyone who knows me will almost always see me with a book. (And I’m happy to make recommendations, so just ask me!)

I’m mostly into RPGs when it comes to video games. It goes without saying that The Legend of Zelda series is my favorite, but I also really love the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series. I enjoy FPS and fighting games too, but RPGs dominate my collection. I’m open to most anything , though…You name it, I’ll game it.

My childhood superhero was Sailor Moon and I often find myself waxing nostalgic about that particular era of anime/manga, so I’ve lapsed a little in that field. Give me a little bit and I’ll be talking about that soon!

I love Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Dragon Ball series, Pokemon, Star Wars…honestly there are so many things I’m enthusiastic about, but I won’t bore you with all the details. There will be plenty of time to chat about all of that. Enough about me!

What I really want to do is encourage a conversation in a respectable place about all of these topics. I’m a firm believer that creativity is one of the best ways to enhance the mind. I hope that I’ll give you encouraging, thought-provoking, and creative ideas that will occupy your minds and inspire you to think about something in a different light. I’m also eager to learn and I’m sure that there are many things that you all can teach me (speaking of…Magic the Gathering anyone?) I’m thrilled to be here and I can’t WAIT to start conversing with you all! With that being said…let’s start the conversation and never shut up!