image_400x400Hello everybody!

My name is George but my friends call me Gutty.

I am a HUGE film fan. I watch it all – domestic big money blockbuster stuff, small budget foreign films, computer generated films, video games focusing on cinematic presentation (You’re looking at the biggest Metal Gear fan in the world), anime — you name it, I watch it. Speaking of anime, I’m specifically a fan of feature length films. Most of my favorites were released in the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s (Akira, Project A-ko, Robot Carnival, Ghost In The Shell).

Pretty much, I’m into imagery all around. I’m an aspiring photographer and filmmaker, and I LOVE in-depth conversation about well written plot lines and storytelling in general. I’m also really into music & sound design and how they correspond with movement in film.

Please feel free to hit me up to discuss any and everything film related because I’m always up for a good discussion!

Twitter: @Onegungutty