May 25th

96cfdfa4-a147-4134-b1f3-3870c6a72557 (1)So I’ll start by saying, I’ve never really fit in most places I’ve gone. Growing up, I didn’t have many friends and from time to time, would probably keep certain interests to myself out of fear that someone would judge and label me a weirdo… It’s been a long journey but over the last few years I can honestly say, I’ve grown to accept me for me and embrace the weird. I hug this nerd life with open arms and ultimately want to help cultivate an environment where people who feel like I used to can start the process of being ‘ok’ with themselves and begin that growth. With that being said, allow me to go into detail about some of those same things I’ve fallen in love with since I’ve been able to talk.

So….. being a ‘nerd’ if we really break it down, is going hard for a particular interest of yours, regardless of what it is…yes? So if we go by that definition, I’m a nerd for SO MUCH…I love wrestling… Everything from WWE to Lucha Underground… If they can go in the ring and I can get behind the storyline, I’m in. Huge Boston Celtics fan…I love Sci-fi anything!! That is my genre… I’m big on movies, TV, anime and video games too so I’d like to say I’m multifaceted  (probably the biggest Pokemon player I know… And I mean the real shit… Not this whack Pokemon Go nonsense. If ANY of you RiceBallers want the work on Sun and Moon, holla at me!!) Point blank period, I just like what I like and to me all this shit is dope AF.

I tried to keep this as short and sweet as humanly possible to not talk you guys’ ears off but to only give you a taste of my personality. I’m gonna be aiming to bring y’all a bunch of articles about wrestling and whatever else I can think of and hopefully we can really get some discussions going. I’m about these experiences and learning every day. I’m about these interactions and I’m about being around like-minded individuals who only know how to look up. I’m genuinely happy to be here… Now LET… US…. FEED!!!!