Track Diesel

FB_IMG_1454736658683I’m a gigantic comic book fan. My favorite publishers are DC, Marvel, and Image comics. I love certain Marvel characters, but I am a DC Comics boy until the day I die. My first comic was the Wally West Flash series that started in the late 80’s. Something about Flash’s superspeed, being able to vibrate through walls, and even bullets, and run faster than time itself; inspired me. I’m also a big fan of Steve Rogers, Captain America, and the X-men. I have a weird obsession with 90’s comics, especially the X-men. Being a person of mixed nationalities, I could relate to so much of what the X-Men went through…. But mainly the art style of the 90s is what inspires me so much, to this day! If you want to know what my childhood was like, just pick up some Jim Lee Xmen from the 90s! Comic books help keep me sane, off the streets, and out of trouble — for that I am grateful.

I am a lapsed anime fan. I am honestly not into modern anime, I just do not like the direction mainstream anime has taken, but that’s not to say its all bad! My favorite anime of all time has to be Berserk, followed closely by Full Metal Alchemist and Samurai Champloo.

I hope to bring a little bit different of a perspective to the blog, although my views and opinions closely mirror the other authors. I believe I do bring a flare a little bit different to the blog as well. I hope to inspire people with thought provoking, entertaining articles and also just have some fun while doing it. I am a guy who has grown tired of all the negative geek comic talk online. We live in the days of people dismissing movies and TV shows after the first trailer. And if the internet doesn’t like something, people seem to just follow suit and agree without forming their own opinions. I’m a comic book enthusiast who promises to deliver unbiased, non-judgmental views and opinions to my reviews and articles. Many people are easily persuaded by popular gate keeping fans online…. i vow to gain followers by approaching everything with a positive approach each and every time. I read comics to escape reality and and fun while I’m at it….. So why would i want to spread hate and negativity online…. I refuse to be another negative nancy… I hope you all enjoy my contributions!