Watch Out World! Grown-ish Has Been Renewed for Season 3

Started watching Grown-ish from the day it premiered. Mainly because I’m a hardcore Yara Shahidi fan and love to see young POC prosper. Grown-ish season 1 and 2 have taken its viewers on a roller coaster ride, discussing issues from interracial dating, adjusting to college life and maintaining friendships. With all the subjects this show … Continue reading Watch Out World! Grown-ish Has Been Renewed for Season 3

Cyberpunk 2077

‘Night City, a mega city in the free state of California is controlled by the ruthless corporations that are unburdened by the laws of the county and state. The streets are riddled with violent gang warfare while those of the ruling class seek nothing but more power!’ I remember way back in the day, when Bethesda started talking about a little video … Continue reading Cyberpunk 2077

80’s Reboot-a-Rama!

Updates, sequels and remakes...Oh, my! For your eyeballs’ pleasure, I’ve compiled a short list of 80’s movie reboots that have either been recently announced or are in some form of production. While I feel that some of these movies are in dire need of a remake or sequel, I however feel that some do not need another version. Seeing that Hollywood movies are regurgitated versions of their former selves, and that an … Continue reading 80’s Reboot-a-Rama!

Bring Spider-Man Home

Spider-Man does whatever a spider can and we can analyze what this high flying charcter is up to in the upcoming movie Far From Home.

Rooty-tooty Cowboy Shooty! “Red Dead Redemption 2” Online Horror Stories

It's rough being an outlaw. Read these horror stories of what it's like playing RDR2 in the online free-for-all.