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SyFy’s 12 Monkeys: Who are the 12?


So just recently I was put on to this new series thanks to New York Comic Con, I did not go to Comic Con like Amni-Flux and NeeNee, but I still watched the live streams. There was one particular panel that I found interesting and it was called “12 Monkeys” now I honestly thought based off the title it had to deal with Kung-fu and maybe Syfy decided to bring in some new aspect to the channel. But I came to find out that this is actually a tv series that just ended it’s first season at the beginning of this year. Watching this panel got me very interested and I decided to check out the show, but I mentioned the show to my friend and she said 12 Monkeys? what like the movie? I guess I am super late to the game because I did not know it was a movie. She told me I should watch the movie first and then watch the show. So what I would like to do is almost kind of like a comparison of the two but also just my opinion on the whole concept.

Twelve_monkeysmpFor anyone who does not know “Twelve Monkeys” the movie was made in 1995 and stars Bruce Willis who plays the convict James Cole and Brad Pitt who plays Jeffery Goines. This movie takes place in the year 2035, after a deadly virus in the year 1996 exterminated the entire human race with only a few humans left on the planet. Doctors have constantly tried to send men back into the past to correct the future, but many attempts have failed giving James Cole the opportunity to redeem himself. Cole finds about a group by the name of “Army of The Twelve Monkeys”. Brad Pitt is amazing in this movie and it takes a big turn when Cole and Goines meet up with each other, when they meet up in an insane asylum, where Goines right off the bat knows Cole isn’t insane or crazy at all.

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