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Wrath of The Villains: Mr. Freeze


What’s up, everybody? So, Monday was Leap Day, and we also got another special treat on that day, the return of Gotham!!. This go around, Gotham has a new name. For the beginning of it’s second season it was called “Rise of The Villains”, now this season is called “Wrath Of the Villains.” Now if you read my other Gotham post, you know how the story goes, but I think this go around I am going to do things a little different for you guys. I’ve been waiting for the return of this show since the first half was amazing. The writers truly did a great job with creating some great scenes and dialogue. Hearing the show would be coming back February 29th, I was so amped waiting and waiting, and anticipated so much. The season premiere did not let me down one bit.

Now I told you guys I would do something a little different this go around, since this was only the first episode of the second half of the season. I would like to give some predictions of what might happen, or what I think will go down this season.

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Gotham: Rise of the Villains


Whats up all my Riceballers, it’s Stewyp here and I bring to you Gotham Season 2 Rise of the Villains. Now I want to talk to you guys about last weeks episode which was amazing and honestly one of the best well put together episodes from Gotham in my opinion. For all of those who don’t know Gotham is a spin off show of when Bruce Wayne was a young kid before he became batman, now Last season had it’s quirks and many people did not like the first season because they felt it introduced too many villains even though batman(bruce wayne) is only about 13 in this show. The reason why I still am viewing this show was the season finale of last season. The season finale showed the rise and fall of the mob with Falcone and Maroni, and anyone who knows Batman knows the mob is very prevalent in this saga and comic book series, but the season finale also showed Penguins transition and how he became a villain and a top crime boss, and might I add he is one of my favorite characters and one of the best.

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