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A Nerd’s Day Out: Journey to Philly’s Fortress of Solitude


Yesterday, RiceBall ventured out to unknown territory to visit the newly opened, black-owned, comic book store, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc. For months, blerds across the nerd-verse have been raving about the new shop commending founder and creator, Ariell R. Johnson, for being the first black woman to own a comic book store on the East Coast. To learn about her story, click here.

IMG_0266 (2)

Amalgam (as we learned is pronounced ‘a-mall-gum’) is currently located in Philly (Philadelphia, PA) in the New Kensington area within walking distance to Temple University and multiple local schools. We arrived around 1:30pm, right before the afternoon teenage rush and evening flood of geeky professionals. From the outside, it’s somewhat hidden. It reminded me of 12 Grimmauld Place, where to the ignorant and untrained eye, it’s virtually invisible. But once you open the door, man-oh-man, what a sight to see! Nerd heaven.

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Hey, Naruto Fans…Just Want You to Know…Boruto is the ish! A Riceball Review

2015-10-10 11.17.10Although New York Comic-con was about a month ago, I’m still prancing about on cloud nine from all of the nerd-gasms and geek-love NYCC had to offer. Every year it gets bigger and better, and this year I couldn’t have been more excited and honored to sit-in on a private viewing of the new Naruto movie, Boruto!

NYCC offered a special pre-screening of the Boruto movie in honor of Naruto’s birthday, which I had no clue (some fan I am) was on October 10th. NYCC attendees were able to watch the movie before it was released nationwide (in limited theaters). For an even more awesome bonus, the movie was introduced by Naruto creator, Masashi Kishimoto along with voice actress of Naruto, Junko Takeuchi. This made the pre-screening very special, especially when they walked out on stage only to be welcomed by joyous screams and a standing ovation. boruto-naruto-the-movie-2015-720-blurayKishimoto was executive producer for the movie, and he said he enjoyed working on it as it was very different from creating manga chapters like he was used to doing. Kishimoto played an integral roll in the development of the Boruto story and asked fans to pay close attention to the emotional moments of the movie. He said his favorite part is when Boruto confronts his father (Naruto) about his feelings. To Kishimoto, it was a very special moment between father and son. Although Kishimoto recently ended the Naruto manga series and has since been working on a new manga project, you can definitely sense that there is a strong connection to his love of the Naruto characters. The character development in this movie is phenomenal, which is most likely the reason why it is so gosh-darn entertaining. Here’s hoping he decides to make Boruto into an anime series, one we can enjoy from week to week.

So before I get into my reaction of the movie, take a look at the trailer. It’s the best one I could find…

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