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I’m so in love with Quantico…But Who The Hell is the Terrorist?

QuanticoOk, actually, I’m in love with Priyanka Chopra. Can you say “Gorgeous”?!

If you haven’t heard, Quantico is a new show on ABC which premiered Sunday, September 27th. After reading several reviews online, one critic perfectly wrote that the show is very much like, “when Grey’s Anatomy meets Homeland”. Ha, my thoughts exactly.

To be specific, Quantico is about several new recruits to the FBI Academy who are looking for their chance to become field agents for the FBI. Chopra, known as Alex Parrish, is one of the FBI’s top recruits who also becomes the prime suspect in a terrorist attack happening 9 months later. The shows moves in between flashbacks to the past (when the recruits first start the academy) to Alex’s present (when Alex is considered a terrorist suspect) to unveil how the terrorist attack happened and who might be involved. The FBI thinks the terrorist is Alex, but she leads the audience to believe it’s someone else, primarily one of her fellow recruits.

It’s an interesting roller coaster ride as we learn new things about the recruited agents and the many secrets they’re hiding. It’s hard to tell who to trust, or even who to like. At this point, I’m rooting for Alex Parrish, who seems to be one of the good guys. She has her secrets, but my gut tells me she is one of the most honest people on the show. Granted, we learn the most about her over everyone else. Continue reading “I’m so in love with Quantico…But Who The Hell is the Terrorist?”