Upgrade: Underrated Summer Hit

Now I know I'm late, but I finally got the opportunity to watch the movie "Upgrade" and all I can say is wow! Like I knew from the previews this movie was going to be good, but did not expect it to go the way it did. Upgrade stars Logan Marshall as Grey Trace, who also … Continue reading Upgrade: Underrated Summer Hit

Extinction: Will The Real Aliens Please Stand up

Extinction stars Michael Pena as Peter, Lizzy Caplan as Alice and Mike Colter as David, this film is set in the near future as Peter is struggling with visions and nightmares, but he cannot understand why he is seeing these nightmares

Stranger Things and Voltron?.. What is this The 80’s?

  Has anyone else been paying attention this summer or maybe I'm just late, but Netflix has been booming with shows and movies all summer, especially its original series and reboots. Recently I just got back into watching Netflix and over these last few weeks I heard a lot of people mention a show called "Stranger … Continue reading Stranger Things and Voltron?.. What is this The 80’s?