Is a New Star Wars Movie Coming?

KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC BEING CONSIDERED FOR NEW PROJECT It’s was recently announced by Lucasfilm big wig, Kathleen Kennedy, that the production company is considering to develop a new film related to BioWare’s classic role-playing game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. When asked at the recent Star Wars Celebration, she responded in the typical … Continue reading Is a New Star Wars Movie Coming?

Let’s Go, Solo!

A brief discussion about the Han Solo spinoff trailer and the possibly excessive (depending on who you ask) amounts of Star Wars movies being released.

A Review From A Galaxy Far, Far Away…Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Let's take a look at Star Wars: The Last Jedi and what sets it apart from other Star Wars movies.

Still Thinking About Star Wars: Episode VII

I confess. I wasn't ready. I thought I was prepared. I thought that by not only re-watching all the Episodes from start to finish (yes, starting with Episode I, not IV) and indulging in 121 episodes of The Clone Wars on Netflix, everything would all make sense. I mean, I've seen all the originals a couple times … Continue reading Still Thinking About Star Wars: Episode VII