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Walking Dead: Heads Up


We are back with some more Walking Dead updates, so I was all wrong I thought this Sunday would be the winter Break for Walking Dead, but we next week is the break. Now this episode was a little interesting for everyone out there, and I feel like everyone who saw this episode and who had certain theories about Glenn basically said to everyone who doubted them I TOLD YOU SO!. First I would like to start off by saying the last two episodes were very interesting with the story of Morgan and how he evolved into the person he is now, and then also the episode last Sunday  about Daryl.



Both of these episodes kind of made everyone more anxious to know what happened to Glenn, but also seeing Morgan and Daryl two beloved characters you didn’t mind the separate stories just because these two individuals rarely give a lot of information on what they are thinking. Also in last weeks episode we saw Abraham kind of spaz out a little bit when finding walkers, but also finding Weapons that were used by ex military turned into Walkers. Abraham was even trying to get with Sasha while they were alone, so maybe something will escalate between them two as the season goes on.  one thing I found interesting about last weeks episode is Daryl got his Crossbow taken away, now in the previous season if Daryl ever lost it, we would get it back later on in the episode we rarely saw him lose it for good. But at the end of the episode he no longer had it which makes me wonder, if in next weeks episode he will find the thief’s and get it back.

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Walking Dead: Is Glenn really Dead?


I know I am a little late with this post about a week late, but I wanted to speak on the Walking Dead episode that everyone has been talking about lately and if you haven’t watched it definitely go watch it and you’ll see why everyone is kind of on cloud9 mixed with this can’t be after seeing this episode. now to catch everyone up to speed season 6 of Walking Dead everyone at Alexandria is getting ready for an all out brutal survival of the fittest with the “Walkers” somehow finding Alexandria and creating a barrier around the people living in this place. Rick now has the help of long term friend Morgan who we’ve only seen bits and pieces of throughout each season. Now each person has been told by Rick and grouped together to come up with a plan to get the Walkers away from the area to try to create different diversions and distractions. This plan works until something strange happens.


Now this episode is kind of ironic even from the title as it is called “Thank You” now why would the producers and writers name an episode if something distract wasn’t going to happen or at least change the outlook. Also am I the only who feels there are way more Walkers this season, like where did all these walkers come from and what drove them to come in this area. The plan goes perfectly until a car horn goes off which most of who have been keeping up with the show already kind of guessed and figured the wolves had something to do with what was going on. Also I am very surprised to see no one talked about Carol wearing the “W” for wolves on her forehead that’s a big statement hopefully we get to see later on in the season what her affiliation with the Wolves is and why that particular moment was important.

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