Thursday Night Double Feature

It has been almost over two weeks since I made my venture to the movie theaters to see the two anticipated movies of this month, Lego Batman Movie, and John Wick: Chapter 2. Now this is a very interesting story, my friend told me that both movies were out that day, I honestly did not know, I thought they were coming out that Friday, and my plan was going to be to sit down and write. Well my plans to write went down the toilet, and I had an off day, I went to the gym, and planned this great day for myself. Might I add I do go to the movies by myself, and I love it. Never be afraid to go to things by yourself and just enjoy your own company. I told myself if which ever movie I can see first then I’ll do that and watch the movie after if the times don’t collide and what to do you know my plan worked out perfect.

wfaNow both Lego Batman and John Wick were special for me, because Batman is my favorite superhero and loved him in the Lego movie, so as soon as I heard this movie was coming out I knew I wanted to go see it. Now for John Wick Chapter 2, I kept hearing over the last year or so if you love action movies and want to see like some crazy and amazing gun and fight scenes watch John Wick. So Last year I finally watched John Wick the first one and loved it and literally 2 weeks later or a month later they said chapter 2 was starting to film. So I’ve been waiting for both of these movies for some time, I even got a snack and a soda, which I rarely do at the movie theater since prices are so high, but that’s for another time.


The Lego Batman movie is the first out of the double feature, and I wanted to see this movie for two reasons, well 3, I really enjoy Will Arnett as Lego Batman, Batman was super funny in the Lego Movie, and of course I’m a huge Batman fan and he’s my favorite superhero. Now this movie even started off different most movies have like a subtle introduction like even the beginning started us with Will Arnett talking about all the different studios that pop up for production which gave  humor to the movie before it even started. I have to say this movie was very different then what I expected, I think I expected it to be on the lines of Lego movie a little, but of course this is different and Batman so you already know they had to make it different and stand out. We have always known it to only be Bruce and Alfred but looking at this movie it honestly really dives into how alone Bruce really is, even though it was funny with him eating lobster on a boat in the bat cave, it was still like he’s really alone a lot of the time.

This movie was nothing short of funny, every corner and every scene there was some sort of humorous joke, I found myself at times in the theater wanting to completely laugh out loud, but I held it because I kept wanting to just see what next would happen. A few examples of scenes that were funny, Batman driving by the orphanage and using the t shirt cannon to shoot out merchandise, also when Alfred talks to Batman and told him it’s morning, even when Joker was like tell me I am your rival and Batman is just like  umm no.

One thing I will say is that Robin was a little annoying, but was super skilled, especially when Batman and Robin went to the Justice League party, now that was hilarious. But we also get a bit of a teaser when Robin went through costumes and we saw a Nightwing outfit, that caught me off guard I was like oh that’s cool. Lego movies also usually give nice easter egg teasers, I know in the Lego Movie we saw a lot of different pop culture movie references and even things that were so new even when that movie just came out. And Now the director of the Lego Batman movie is in the works for a Nightwing movie. Which I am all for.

I  thoroughly enjoyed this movie and had a fun time watching it, especially with all the cameos, and just even with the Phantom zone being apart of this movie, and how we saw so many different villains. If you have not seen the Lego Batman movie, go see it and have a good time.

2nd movie of the night: John Wick; Chapter 2, Now I was super amped for this movie, and I didn’t think after the Batman movie I would have time to get a ticket, but it worked out perfect. If you have not watched the first John Wick, then you won’t be completely lost, because they do kind of give a review in the beginning about why John is about to come and massacre everybody. I saw the first John Wick last year after a lot of word of mouth and I finally sat down and watched it and loved it, and what do you know I loved Chapter 2 also. I read somewhere that it was confusing to some why John is killing everybody, but it’s not just because of his dog anymore, it’s the simple fact like the dude in the beginning of the movie said he’s got a taste of killing once again he’s not going back. If you have a nickname like Baba Yaga aka Boogeyman, yeah you’re not going back to your nice comfortable life.

I loved how many different stars were in this movie, like the reuniting of Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne, Fishburne’s character was very interesting because he was kind of like a street king, but underground one, the person who controlled what you hear in the dark corners and in the alley ways, and you never know how someone heard it. We also saw Ruby Rose and Common who I think both of them did amazing jobs in this movie. I honestly thought Rose’s character would be different then what was in the movie, but I still enjoyed the role she played.

Not throwing any shade at Common, but I am not a big fan of his acting, but this movie I thought he did a really great job. All of the fight scenes and also side scenes with Common and Keanu Reeves were great, from the fighting in the street to even in the train station. Definitely impressed with how well both of them did together, makes me want to see Common in more movies like this. John Wick was action packed just like first with just as many head shots, and pencil killings as you can imagine. I love how we got to see more of the assassin world, and how they are truly connected in a way where it’s like no matter what country, what area they go to, they have people who can hook them up with weapons, clothes, and even a place to eat. We even see like how an assassin can get out of the business by a Mark that comes back to bite John in the ass.


John Wick Chapter 2 had amazing scenes, from the beginning to even when John had to take the job , too all of the headshots, just a great action film to start off the year and get people going. I hear that Keanu is excited to keep this saga going and maybe do another movie or even a TV series might be in the works so either or would be very interesting to see. I heard a few people were confused about the ending of this movie or it didn’t make sense, but I’m like how didn’t it make sense, the whole assassin world was after John and he was running away because he knew every corner someone for coming for him. I get it the movie probably could’ve ended better, but I honestly liked how it ended  because John knew what was coming.

Final Thoughts: I went to see both of these movies on the actual day they came out, and the movie theater was a ghost town, until later that night. Don’t get me wrong Thursday night is a weird day for movies to come out, but people still venture out at midnight to see the exclusives. I mean 50 shades darker beat both of these movies for Thursday premiere which is interesting. I had fun going to watch both of these movies and that this was just a spontaneous day out. I will say I enjoyed John Wick more then Lego Batman, maybe because of the action , or maybe overall I was just anticipating John Wick more. Go see both movies you will not be disappointed.

Riceball Rating: The Lego Batman Movie 7.5 out of 10

John Wick Chapter 2: 8.5 out of 10

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